High King

14 05 2008

Not much is known about the new H!P group High King except that they’ll most likely only release one single, C/C (Cinderella Complex), which is to promote Morning Musume and Takarazuka’s musical Cinderella.

However, the tracklist was just released, and with it, two official pictures of the group, who’s lineup consists of Morning Musume leader and lead singer (respectively) Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina, Berryz Koubou leader Shimizu Saki, C-ute leader and lead singer Yajima Maimi, and Hello! Pro Egg Maeda Yuuka.

High King

I can tell two things for certain just based on the picture: a) H!P Idols+Pumps+PIMP HATS*=Hot and b) Takitty and Reina will be the focus. You can tell because they have not only different outfits from the other three members, but their outfits are the same, as well as the other three’s.

This will be yet another Ai, Reina, and some other girls single. I feel sorry for these Eggs that get dumped in random one-shot groups just to dance backup. If they’re gonna debut, let them debut. Like Manoeri and Nocchi (seriously, could they possibly pile anything else onto her plate??).

On a side note, it’s beyond me how H!P always manages to make little girls look like whores (Airi on Namida no Iro, anyone?). Someone Yuuka’s age shouldn’t even know what pumps are, let alone be wearing a pair.

PS- I’m gotten really behind lately, but I plan on writing a review for SJM’s Me and KAT-TUN’s DON’T U EVER STOP along with catching up on other H!P news very soon.

*In case you don’t read by blog often, I have an obsession with pimp hats. And I’ve been waiting for pimphat!Takitty for a while now (see my Resonant Blue review).



3 responses

15 05 2008

Maeda’s 13 or 14, so pumps aren’t that unusual for her… (I’m 14 as well, and I’ve certainly worn them before!). I love how giant Maimi looks compared to the others.

17 10 2011

Hi, I come from the future, and they also released a cover of the song “DIAMONDS” from Princess Princess.

12 01 2012

And it was phenomenal.

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