C/C Radio Rip

17 05 2008

Well, to say the least… it sounds…. what’s the right word?…. weird?

High King

I was expecting something along the lines of Namie Amuro when they said it would be hip-hop. Or at least something along the lines of the R&B-ish Resonant Blue. But… this just sounds….. weird.

The beat is just odd. It sounds like 3/7 time or something gay like that. The girls sound really unsure as to when they’re supposed to sing and what the hell the beat is, especially on those “nanana”s. Tsunku had to be drunk when he wrote this.

I’m sure there’ll be some really low-budget PV for this, and the dance will be… just as weird as the song. But I’m curious to see it, as well.

The only good things I really heard were a) Maeda Yuuka (she is ADORABLE), even though she doesn’t really fit in with all the other mature voices (but none of the eggs really sound mature), and b) Shimizu Saki sounds awesome in this. I haven’t heard her sound this good in a while.

But other than that…. this song is mostly just… wtf?

Here’s the radio rip for those of you who haven’t heard it (LQ from Some Boys).



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