Don’t U Ever Stop?

17 05 2008

I can’t tell if the title of the single is meant as a question, giving the meaning that you’re irritating KAT-TUN, or as a statement, meaning they don’t want you to stop. Even with an English translation, it’s still not clear to me…

I love this song. I am well aware that I’m a stereotypical KAT-TUN fangirl. And that is why I love it so much.

I’ve never liked Jin before this. I always thought he was weird-looking (as I think of almost all Johnny’s boys save KAT-TUN, some of NEWS, and MatsuJun) and was there just to steal lines from Kame (he’s my favorite, in case you didn’t read my entire fangirlpost on him). In this… well, this video even makes Koki look hot. …Okay, no, it doesn’t, but you get the point. And his “hahaha hell yeah” is just about the hottest thing I’ve ever heard next to Kame’s opening lines in LIPS.

Kame… I flushed red when I first saw him. You all know I have a fettish for pimp hats… especially on Kame…. But I hate to admit, his singing sounds really strained and he sucks singing this live (although he looks hot doing it). He really has mastered the art of winning over fangirls with every move he makes.

Maru’s a cutie. He’s amazingly good at beat-boxing. But he looks funny doing it. Koki… he just looks funny period. Although, you have to give him major props for his mad rapping skillz (not skills, skillz). He’s not much of a singer, though. And Ueda… you hardly see him enough to make any judgements, but there’s no doubt he’s a good singer and a cutie as well. Junno looks better brunette. That’s all I have to say for him.

The song’s really addictive, I’ve been listening to it nonstop for days. As for the solos…

Akanishi Jin

Jin’s LOVEJUICE is probably my favorite (yes, I know, typical fangirl). And I couldn’t agree with Raid more that you hear a few English words on the first few listens… and then when you read the lyrics… they’re full-blown Engrish. Let me tell you something, Jin; just because you were in America for a little while does not mean you can speak, or sing, for that matter, in English. Please stop trying. 8D But it’s amazingly hot at the same time.

Tanaka Koki

I definitely like Koki’s PARASITE, which surprises me, because I don’t like Koki. I do, however, love his rapping. And I like the darker sound this song brings. This is what makes KAT-TUN different than all the other Johnny’s groups: they can do non-bubblegumpop music. And not only that, but they do it well. Even though he can’t sing, Koki pulls off this song really well because he can rap, and most of the song is rapping anyway.

Nakamaru Yuichi
I also really liked Maru’s SMACK, which also surprised me because I wasn’t expecting much. I’ve never really seen Maru as much of a singer, but this song is really pleasant on the ears. The only thing that really disappointed me was that there was no beat-boxing, after both Jin and Koki got to show off their selling points. And I was hoping for some blaring beats like LOVEJUICE, but it’s good to have variety, I guess?

Taguchi Junnosuke

Junno’s Natsu wo Basho is the only song that I really have no opinion on. It’s a nice bubblegumpop tune, reminds me of NEWS for some reason, but otherwise… it’s just there.

Kamenashi Kazuya

What really shocked me was that I really didn’t like Kame’s w/o notice?? at all. It’s just… it sounds like one of those many Tsunku failure songs. It’s so… random. And not sexy. As I hoped it would be. And what the heck is with the title? It makes absolutely no sense. Like the “CHU-CHU-CHU-RU-RU”s. Seriously? You think they’d put more into the solo of one of the two most popular members.

Ueda Tatsuya

And that leaves Ueda’s Ai no Hana. I’m not even gonna butter it up–I hate this song. There is nothing good about it. At all. I really have never liked ballads, and this is no exception.

Overall I think this is a pretty amazing single. I could do without some of the solos, but it’s not to hard to pretend they’re not there.



5 responses

2 06 2008

Koki can sing :O he have a beautiful voice :O love his singing in Your side, My angel and so many more….

maybe i think so beacuse im a Koki-girl..
But damn i can sing and rap!

2 06 2008

Koki can sing :O he have a beautiful voice :O love his singing in Your side, My angel and so many more….

maybe i think so beacuse im a Koki-girl..
But damn he can sing and rap!

3 06 2008
kimberly thao

All of them are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 06 2008

Haha! Raid here, and thanks for mentioning me in your blogpost, even if you left out an “I” in my name and made me “rad” xD

Your comments are really funny and snarky too! Awesome blog. =D

16 06 2008

Sorry about that, it was a typo. XD;; I fixed it.

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