Oh no.

2 06 2008

Berryz Koubou’s star Natsuyaki Miyabi has been scandalized.

No, no, no, no, no, no, noPLEASE please please tell me that these rumors are false.

Miyabi is my favorite Hello! Project member.  Period.  I.  Would.  Cry.  If these were to be proven true.  If she were put on one of those Aibon hiatuses, or expelled….. *cries*

I wouldn’t believe them at all and completely disregard this like Kamei Eri’s “scandal” if it weren’t for the fact that that chin looks just like Miya’s and she has worn that exact same jacket before.  And the video’s look just like her.

What’s even worse is that the alleged boyfriend (call him what you want–the boy she was supposedly with) is Hey! Say! JUMP member Inoo Kei.  I’m not a fan of Kei in particular, but I’m a huge H!S!J fan.  They have a lot going for them right now (their sales rival those of NEWS and Arashi), so it would be upsetting if a scandal did something to the group as a whole.  As we can almost predict it will for Miya and Berryz.

I’m praying right now that since Miya has such a high position in Hello! Project (Buono!, lead singer for Berryz, been in a lot of one-shot groups), she’ll recieve an easier punishment.  But I wouldn’t expect much.  Remember Murakami Megumi?  She was in a scandal similar to this and she disappeared off the face of the planet, yet she had a similarily high position in H!P.

So let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope that Miya isn’t in too much trouble.




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3 06 2008
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3 06 2008

another one??? gosh!! this rumors seemsto happens every year? i can only recall… Yaguchi… Mikitty, Aibon, oh god… they should allow them to have BF to make things easyer

3 06 2008

Well, you all know how Yossie and Miki agreed that she was “no virgin” 😉

Ok, I’m trying to find the humour in this, see, because Berryz and Buono are my favorite H!P groups. If they get screwed over… I don’t know what would I do…

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