It’s Time to Get Cooking? Yes, Cooking!

10 06 2008

…I haven’t laughed this much in a long time (actually, it was a few nights ago when I saw a clip of Yossie and Reina on Hello! Morning and they were doing a dating skit together… but uhm…. that’s irrelevant 8D)

It was announced a few weeks ago that Super Junior would once again have another subgroup debuting, this time Super Junior HAPPY. 


This group is Super Junior T with YehSung instead of HeeChul.  Like SuJu China is meant for the Chinese market, SuJu HAPPY is for the Japanese market (but we’re yet to see that, I suppose).  My first thought on this was “Omg, a language I can actually understand!”  Not that I can speak Japanese, but I can pick up a lot of words and get the general gist of what’s going on.  Unlike Korean or Chinese, where the only thing in either language that I know how to say is “I love you”.   

After watching the PV, which is absolutely hilarious and adorable, the only thing I find missing is DongHae.  I think he definitely needs to be a part of this group.  But he’s in China.  Oh, wait, maybe not, I think they’re all in Korea again for now.  Either way. 

The PV opens with someone, who’s later found to be leader Eeteuk, sitting on the floor of a dark room eating.  And then regurgitating some letter or something.  That’s how I took it, at least….  There’s no doubt that this PV is centered around food.  I mean, look at the title (Cooking? Cooking!). 

The story, from what I can comprehend, is that there’s this really pretty girl (shocker) cooking a lot of food for the different members of SJH and based on their reactions, she chooses who she likes?  And tries to make better food for them?  Or something.  I have no idea. 

The song is pure crack.  Seriously.  It’s so random and without a doubt overly happy. 


Eeteuk is hilarious in this.  His parts in that dark room made me laugh so hard.  He has his really cute moments, too (where he’s eating steak whole and then the girl looks at him and he stops mid-bite… so cute…). 


There’s definitely not enough KangIn in this.  I think he had one solo and that was it.  Which really is a shame because he is a good singer, even if he does smoke.  I did like the cute KangTeuk moment scene with both KangIn and EeTeuk and that girl.  KangIn was stuffing his face, so the girl ignored him for EeTeuk, only to find he was doing the same thing. 

For some reason, KangIn seems really young in this.  Like, he just looks younger.  It might be the hair or something, but for some reason… I can’t put my finger on it. 


When I put Super Junior and Happy together, I think of SungMin, DongHae, HyukJae… but definitely not YehSung.  I always think of him with a darker  and more mature image.  Which is why I’m surpised that he’s in this, and even more surprised that he pulls off being happy and cute so well.  His voice is beautiful, I love listening to it, even in a childish song such as this one. 


SungMin, on the other hand, fits in perfectly.  His voice is rather pleasant, too.  I like hearing him.  I’m surpsied he didn’t get more solos, but that’s okay, because he dominated Rokkugoh and the songs on that single.  He’s so cute, I love him in this. 


HyukJae and ShinDong definitely win the “funniest” award.  The voices they use are brilliantly hilarious.  They always get “fight” raps (though this is more singing than rapping unfortunately), as in Haengbok and Rokkugoh!.  It’s funny.  I love them together.  But it’s missing KiBum D:

Super Junior Happy

Overall, this song is really cute.  I have the other songs from the minialbum, I just haven’t listened to them yet.  They’re in the queue along with the b-sides to Wonder Girl’s So Hot (which is beyond amazing ftw). 




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10 06 2008

Yes I want the forum link please. XD *Goes to watch MV*

10 06 2008

Eng sub

10 07 2008
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