It’s a Complex

11 06 2008

Even if the title song to High-King’s single, C/C (Cinderella Complex), isn’t that great, the b-side, Kioku no Meiro, saves the single and makes it, in my eyes, even better than C-ute’s past two singles, Namida no Iro and Tokaikko Junjou (I like to pretend LALALA never happened), combined. 

I’ve come to like C/C more because of the dance and the sheer hotness of the girls, but I probably wouldn’t place it on my top favorites.  However, the b-side Kioku no Meiro is kick-ass in every aspect.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it in my eyes. 

I’m a huge fan of blaring techno beats (any doubt why I like Perfume so much~?).  And not only that, but the instrumental is a guitar solo that kicks more ass.  Win. 

I was a little weary that it would be like C/C at first, all Ai and Reina, because it opens with those two.  But then they each get one more solo line and that’s it, which while I don’t mind them having lines, I love that the other girls get them, too.  I’m not a fan of Maimi or her voice, but it fits well, and she sings will. 

Now, as for Saki and Yuuka.  Saki sounds totally hot in this.  You never get to hear her in Berryz songs, unfortunately, but this more than makes up for this.  I could get used to her having this many lines regularily.  Yuuka kills in this song.  Seriously, she owns it.  And I’m shocked she got so many lines, being an eggypie and everything.  And also because her voice is so misplaced in this group of mature voices (sans Reina most of the time).  But she owns it still. 

What really shocked me was that Yuuka got the entire bridge.  And she owned it.  She did so well I was blown away.  And I couldn’t believe she got all of it.  I was like okay, she’ll get a line.  Reina and Takahashi or Maimi and Saki will take the rest.  But they didn’t.  And Yuuka took it all.  I was like, wow, Tsunku, nice change of pace. 

I’m sad High-King is a one-shot group.  They’re really amazing.  They’re hot, their dancing is hot, and they have the sweetest music released by H!P in… well, I’ll just put it as I’ve never heard an H!P song that I like more than Kioku no Meiro



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