Dream Concert 2008 – Part 1

16 06 2008

I know it’s a little ambitious, but as I was watching the opening to Korea’s Dream Concert 2008 (where a bunch of really popular Korean singers and groups get together for one hell of a concert every year), I decided to review it all while watching in high quality (because otherwise its total crap).  So it’s hours and hours of work.  And I don’t even know who most of the people are.  8D 

I only know Wonder Girls, SNSD, Super Junior, and SHINee…. so, uhm… I really won’t know what I’m talking about for most of this.  Anyway, these are just the songs SBS aired because I’m not going to watch a bunch of fancams that are shaky and crap quality and are full of the fans screaming and crying.  No thanks. 

All videos are curteous of beastlair over at youtube.  Thanks for upping the concert!!  ❤

To You/Start a Journey (Dream Band)

This is so cool.  They took the people who are performing that can play instruments and put them all together and then a few of the best singers.  I can recognize ShiWon on drums (of course), unfortunately not SungMin on guitar, RyeoWook playing the keyboard, some girl from SNSD playing the other keyboard, YehSung and KyuHyun singing, some guy from SHINee singing, and some girl from SNSD singing (or is it someone from Wonder Girls?).  It’s really fun, even if the songs are really cheesy and 80s sounding.  YehSung and that guy from SHINee hit a few flat notes, but overall, it sounded really good. 

And ShiWon is being so ambitious!  For those of you who don’t know, just before the show started he broke his ankle or something (he’s always injuring himself), but he still performed.  Yay ShiWon! 

No.3 (Bae Chi Gi)

Okay, I’ve never even heard of this group before.  From this song, I’m guessing their a rap/hip-hop duo that’s really ugly, but I love Asian rapping, so it’s all good by me.  I’m not gonna look into them anymore, though, because they weren’t together for most of the song and they don’t look very pretty.  I liked their backup singers and dancers better than the group itself. 

Siren (Buga Kingz)

Okay, first of all, who the hell names themselves “Buga Kingz”?  I mean, honestly.  I don’t know if that word has any meaning in Korean, but I’m assuming it doesn’t, and no one wants to know that you’re the king of picking your nose, okay?  Or fast food.  Famous people do not support fast food.  It is gross. 

This group seems like they’re a typical hip-hop group: they have scantily clad women doing some whore dance and their lyrics are probably about sexin them.  The only reason I watched more than five seconds of this was because one of the members was wearing a pimp hat.  And… well, you all know how I am with those.  And that guy is really hot, too, so I didn’t mind too much.  But the other two people were just hilarious looking.  Seriously hilarious.  In the end I couldn’t finish watching it because it was pretty bad. 

Like A Flower (Peter Hyun)

I have no idea who this is either.  But the difference between him and the two before him is that the music is good and he sings good.  But I think that’s because he’s lip syncing.  Either way.  The dance reminds me a ton of SuJuH’s Cooking? Cooking!.  They use a lot of the same moves.  Who is that girl that just randomly popped in rapping?  I would love to say it’s Wonder Girl’s YooBin, but I don’t think it is… sounds a bit like her, though. 

Overall, I really like this song.  It’s refreshing after the two horrible ones before it.  I think I’ll look into this singer some more…

I Love You (Mighty Mouth feat. JJ)

Never heard of either of those artists.  But uhm.  Mighty Mouth=Mighty Mouse?  Hm…  Anyway.  Beat boxing always blows my mind.  That’s why I love KAT-TUN’s Nakamaru Yuichi so much.  This guy’s just as good.  (Gasp)  The girl, JJ, sings really softly.  I would never even know she was singing were it not for the camera showing her indeed mouthing into a microphone.  She has this really annoying habit of constantly running her fingers through her hair, too. 

I really liked Mighty Mouth, though.  As much as their name amuses me, they have some pretty mad rapping skillz.  This is also a lot better than the third and second numbers. 

That Ordinary Ring (Maya)

Finally, some full-on estrogen.  It’s nice to hear a female voice every now and then (JJ didn’t count).  Although she looks like a guy, I’m pretty sure it’s a girl.  This is also the first down-tempo song on the setlist.  Yay!  I’m not much of a fan of ballads, as you all know, so that kind of ruined it for me.  But oh well. 

Only You (Typhoon)

Now, I think I have heard of this group.  I’m not familiar with them, but the name rings a bell.  This song is definitely my favorite so far.  I love the techno beats and that there’s a nice mix of both male and female vocals (not one dominating the other).  The girl in black has a really strong voice, which is something I haven’t seen since the Dream Band performed.  The rapper is really feminine-looking, which he makes hot.  Kind of like HeeChul. 

Anyway.  Yeah.  Best song of part one. 

And that concludes part one because I’m way too lazy to do this whole friggin concert in one go. 

Look for Part 2 soon! 



2 responses

8 09 2008

So hu exactly is maya???

16 10 2008

Peter Hyun wasn’t lipsyncing during his performance. his rapper was cuz the real rapper is Kim EZ who wasn’t there. But i know for a fact he doesn’t lipsynce ever.

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