Gomaki signed to Avex

20 06 2008

Why is anyone surprised by this?  Everyone was saying this would happen when she first left H!P, so why is it surprising that it’s actually happening?

I, for one, am certainly not surprised.  I knew Gocchin would sign to Avex.  She’s too amazingly talented not to.  And she wouldn’t spend a month training in L.A. for nothing (those blogs were really fun to follow, might I say). 

Based on the new official Avex pictures, I think she’s going to be heading more towards a Koda Kumi style of music.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, ladies and gents, as sex sells.  Koda is hot.  So is Gocchin.  It all works out nicely in my mind. 

So, off of that, she’ll probably have mostly R&B/dance songs with the occasional ballad.  Who knows, because for once, Gocchin’s in control.  So let’s she what she does with herself. 

I wish her the best of luck!  Gomaki fighting! 




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