20 06 2008

Okay, without a doubt, this is the best unit Kirarin Revolution has put out yet. 

If I had to rank the Kirarin musical acts, it would be as follows:

2. Kira*Pika
3. MilkyWay
10000. Kirarin feat. Kusumi Koharu (No, I don’t like Koharu solo)

This is a duo of nobodies, like MilkyWay was with the eggs, but they pull it off so much better.  Maybe it’s just because they’re guys.  And maybe it’s just because this reminds me of Johnny’s (because of the acrobatics performed by Takuya maybe?).  And I love JE.  But maybe not. 

Both boys (Ide Takuya and Kanai Shikou, who I like much better than the former) look weird but hot at the same time.  And the song itself pwns anything else put out by Kirarin Revolution.  I have a feeling that this will sell the best, too. 

I have no idea who they belong to (doesn’t look like they’re UFA), but they’re doing something right.  They obviously spent a nice deal on the PV, which looks really good compaired to other Kirarin PVs, even if half of it doesn’t make sense.  But those kind of PVs sell, right?  (KAT-TUN and NEWS come to mind.) 

But they lack a little vocally (not that anyone buying it for the anime will care).  Takuya’s voice is really stacatto for a lot of it, and Shikou’s softer voice is totally drowned out by Takuya’s at times.  That could be a fault in the mixing, though.  You never know. 

And have any of you noticed that SHIPS has been together for about two years and they’re just now debuting?  Hm…

Anyway, I wish them the best of luck!  I really hope this sells well and I really hope that I get to hear and see more of these two. 

Click here for the video on Dohhh UP!



2 responses

22 06 2008

They’re produced by Up-Front Agency. xD I don’t really know the specifics but I know for sure that they’re produced by Up-Front.

7 11 2008

i think UFA only produced female idols
but i hope this unit will doing well
ganbatte ne SHIPS~~~

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