Dream Concert (Part 2)

25 06 2008

After a pretty sucky first few acts on from the 2008 Dream Concert, I’m looking forward to this half (it’s a little over half actually, I might break this into three parts).  It’s got all my favorite Korean artists, and a lot more that I’m familiar with than the last one.  That means -gasp- I’ll have a small idea of what I’m talking about here!! Back (A’ST1)

I’ve definitely never heard of this group before, but they sound rather promising.  I love how in the dance, they’re all over each other.  A little fanservice is always nice.  The fact that they’re lipsyncing on my first time hearing them is a little disappointing, but Super Junior always lipsyncs (I’m pretty sure they do here too), so I’ll get over it.   There are some major singing skillz in this group, and the members are pretty hot, too.  I could see myself getting into them. 

The song, if nothing else, is really catchy, too.  And it has a rap, as short as it is, it’s still there.  So I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start here. 

Noona is so Pretty [Replay] (SHINee)

Thank God, finally a group I’ve actually heard before.  While I’m not a huge SHINee fan, this song is ridiculously catchy and the group is pretty hot.  And they have a 14 year old, and I’m all for young members in idol groups.   And the lead singer (no idea what his name is, sorry) reminds me of Super Junior’s RyeoWook.  Leik woahz. 

They sing live, which is good, but it sucks.  I’m sorry SHINee fans, but honestly, they probably should have lipsynced this.  Not even that really sexy pimp hat can make up for it.  They’re not really breathy even, it’s just…. offkey and horrible.  They hit the important notes (all the high ones) nicely, but then everything else is bad. 

I saw a little girl in their fanclub section standing up on her seat waving her balloon faster and higher than anyone else.  She looked like six years old.  It was really cute.  But that was random. 

Cooking? Cooking! (Super Junior Happy)

You all already know my thoughts on this, and I’ve already seen this clip before, so I’m not going into great detail on it.  I was really impressed that they sang this live (as they have at every live of this song so far if I remember correctly), which is very very unlike Super Junior or any of its subgroups (except maybe the now disbanded KRY).  They did pretty well, too, until the very end when you could tell they were struggling for breath.  But it’s a very high-energy dance, so you have to give them a break.  Speaking of the dance, I am so in love with those adorable backup dancers.  They’ve been at every live of the song, as well as the PV, and they’re just so cute!  I wonder if they’re SM trainees or something.  I’d love to see them debut. 

(Speaking of which, have you heard of the new girl group SM put out to compete with the Wonder Girls?  As if SNSD didn’t teach them that the Wonder Girls will not be messed with, they’re putting even more fresh meat out there to get fried.  But that’s another snark for another day.) 

Deja Vu (SS501)

I’ve never heard SS501 before, but I’ve heard of them.  They were on the Oricon Top 100 for the first half of 2008, I do believe.  They’re extremely popular both in Korea and internationally I suppose.  I can see why, they’re pretty dang hot and the song is really kakkoi~ They lip sync, too.  I guess all the nobodies sing live and the big names lip sync.  Would anyone like a piece of that irony? 

Someone in that group, no idea who again, sorry, is a pretty good dancer, which is very pleasant on my eyes (I love watching dancing as much as I love doing it).  He seems almost up to par with Super Junior.  Almost.  It’s hard to beat HyukJae’s mad skillz.  I could see myself getting into this group, too. 

One Love (Yoshihiro Akiyama)

A Japanese singer?  I know that’s not a Korean name, it’s definitely Japanese.  Maybe he’s like Sugar’s Ayumi?  Who knows.  It’s still a little weird. 

Anyway.  The point is, I couldn’t bring myself to watch this.  It was as ballady and ballads get.  And I hate ballads enough without them being extreme.   So I skipped it.  It wasn’t worth the wait for the next act!!

So Hot (Wonder Girls)

I have been waiting very patiently to review this song.  I knew it was on this concert, so I held my tongue (or rather, my fingers) from reviewing it on more than a few occasions.  I love this song so much.  I love Wonder Girls, period.  Tell Me is one of the best songs ever (I’m a little offended they’re saying Cooking? Cooking! is the next Tell Me).  I have their album, too, and it kicks just as much ass.  But nothing I’ve heard from them is as… hot as this song.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 

The song overall is really catchy, I love it.  It’s really conceited, too, and it surprises me a bit that it’s selling so well due to that.  I really like that everyone got a nice-length verse and you got to hear everyone (except for poor YeEun who doesn’t get any lines on the chorus).  And that the YooBin’s rap is so long.  She hardly got anything in Tell Me.  Which, by the way, she does get a nice extended rap on in a remixed version that appears on this single. 

They all seem a little more out of breath than usual on this song, but overall they did really well.  I was kind of surprised that SooHee did well at all, because she usually sucks ass live (don’t get me wrong, she’s my favorite).  And it’s sad that YooBin still has to lipsync.  It seems like they might loose her, just like they lost Wonder Girls’ rapper before her, HyunA.  I hope not.  I really like YooBin. 

Breakdown (Epik High)

I’ve really liked what I’ve heard of Epik High in the past, which isn’t much, but still something.  So I was looking forward to this performance, even though I’ve never heard the song before.  Mithra Jin pwns Tablo on this song.  Tablo was really choppy, but Mithra’s rap flowed a lot smoother.  And haha.  Tablo wore glasses.  Usually this is hot (read: YehSung a few songs earlier ftw), but not on Tablo.  He looks really nerdy and not hot.  The repeated “Break it down”s at the end got really, really annoying.  But overall it was okay.  Better than the rappers on part one. 

Girls Generation (SNSD)

I’m pretty surprised that SNSD didn’t perform their latest single, Kissing You, because that’s a really cute song.  But this is good, too, I suppose, because it’s the only other song of theirs that I know.  Apparently SNSD caused some shit, as well as their fans, before and during the concert, so I’m less inclined to like them now than I have been in the past, but I’ll try to be open-minded. 

I love the dance to this song, it’s so cute and fun.  And YoonA.  She’s the only member I give a damn about.  But I still like it.   Morning Musume really needs to take a lesson from SNSD.  They already have the “forgeiners do work, especially internationally” part down (SNSD’s performed a few times in America, MoMusu in other Asian countries).  But also they really need to get some really strong vocalists in MoMusu.  SNSD has girls that are there to sing, girls that are there to look cute, and girls that are there to dance.   Morning Musume just kind of goes sub-par and mix-and-matches all three into each of its members.  SNSD’s way obviously works better, as they sell a lot better. 

But that was irrelevant. 

Circus/Feel Crazy (MC Mong)

Lulz.  MC Mong.  What a funny name.  No, I’ve never heard of this artist before, either.  The song was really annoying, so I didn’t finish watching it.  Oh well. 

Everybody, Shh! (Jewelry)

My first impression was that this was gonna be a really cute girl group and a really cute song.  Then kick boxers come out on stage.  I was like…. wtf?  And then a slutty baseball player comes out to a techno song and I got even more confused because she didn’t have a microphone, either.  And then a ribbon dancer with mad skillz f’sho comes out and she doesn’t have a mic, either, so it’s even more wtf.  And THEN cheerleaders (both male and female) come out, and I thought they were going to be Jewelry because they had been standing at the top of the stage the entire time, but no, they don’t have mics, either!! 

And then, after all that confusion, the song starts, and it turns out all those slutty girls are Jewelry!  Go figure.  They’re lipsyncing, too (except for the rapper), but whatever.  Used to it by now.  It’s a techno song that vaguely reminds me of Perfume.  Which is a very good thing indeed.  The rapper has a really girly image, which is weird because usually rappers have a bad-ass image.  Or a yankee image. 

Oh wait.  Maybe they’re only syncing the verses.  Because the chorus is obviously live because it sucks, but the verses sound really good and lipsynced.  Huh. 

Overall I like Jewelry.  I need a new girl group to get into, so maybe I’ll look into them. 

A Man In Love (Super Junior)

Hell yes.  Save the best for last, bitchez.  I love this song, it’s so friggin awesome.  I actually didn’t get into it until Super Junior M did it because I kept thinking it would be a ballad, and I hate ballads.  But its not and it’s full of major win.  The dance is so cool and high-energy (it justifies their lip syncing).  I wish KyuHyun was in all of it, but when they first performed this song, he was just getting out of the hospital and only came in for the last verse or so, which is really rather sad.  I wish they wouldn’t keep doing that as he’s perfectly fine now, but I guess on the bright side, it makes his entrance all that much better? 

I’ve already seen this, too, so I’ll just say this: HeeChul is really hot in this.  So is DongHae.  To the max, yo.  I didn’t see HanKyung until the very end, so I dunno about him. 

And lulz.  ShinDong has a fro. 

Purple Line/Rising Sun (DBSK)

I love Purple Line.  I’m not a huge DBSK fan, but I really like their music a lot.  I didn’t know that DBSK was on this concert, so I was pleasantly to find these two songs.  But I knew Cassiopia was there…. so I’m not sure why I didn’t think DBSK was there. 

Anyway.  I’m surprised they sang live, because Purple Line has a pretty intense dance.  They sang Purple Line really well, but synced Rising Sun.  I wonder how they switched so quickly to headsets?

But what the hell is up with Changmin’s voice???  It’s like… on helium.  Seriously, what the fuck.  It kind of ruined the whole performance for me.  And YooChun looked horrible.  Just ftw.  And since when do DBSK get their armpits waxed?  That makes them even more gay.  *chuckle*  And another sidenote.  YunHo is really hot.  kthxbai. 

That took a ridiculously long chunk out of my life.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my review of the 2008 Dream Concert!  Comments are love!  And I probably will never review a full concert ever again, so don’t expect it. 



4 responses

26 06 2008

I heard ELF and Cass and SSS actually started the whole thing.
There’s two sides to it.
Depends on you for which one to believe

I actually hated SNSD before (this), I felt really sorry for them for what happened @ Dream concert. But theres still cached links of where Cass and ELFs planned the whole silent treatment months ahead.

D: Hate who you like, but be sure to hear both sides.

9 07 2008

hey! Thanx for the reviews. I’m not a big fan of DBSK either but i love it when the sang ‘purple line’ live. I really hope suJu will sing live more often in the future. suJu fighthing! =)

9 07 2008

correction on my previous comment: they NOT the

26 08 2008

Awe you should totally watch some of the parts in SNSD’s documentary.

In one part, Jessica was like “Romeo, Romeo, whe- oh TIFFANY! YOu’re Romeo!”

Tiffany: “You’re Jessica!”

Yes, they used english. Very fluent actually. Jess and Fany…nyaaah

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