Happy Birthday Ayaya!!

25 06 2008

Today best-selling Hello! Project solo artist of all time, Matsuura Aya, turns 22!  Happy Birthday Ayaya!


To celebrate, here’s a clip of Ayaya getting a cake from Melon Kinenbi and Nono from two years ago today! 

…and I just realized Ayaya’s only a few months younger than my older sister, who I’m very close to and who’s currently in the hospital.  I always thought of Ayaya as so mature, but now that I know she’s so close in age to my sister…. it really changes my views on her.  Like, what if Ayaya was anything like her?  That’s a frightening thought there. 


Omedetou otanjoubi!!  Bring GAM back this year, nee, Ayaya?!?!?



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