KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya’s Going Solo~!!!

26 06 2008

I’m on a roll tonight with these posts.  ANYWAY.  Following in the footsteps of groups such as ARASHI, KAT-TUN’S Ueda Tatsuya will be holding a solo concert in September.  This surprises me, as Tat-chan’s one of the lesser popular members.  You would think Kame or Jin would get the first KAT-TUN solo concert.  But nope!  It’s the ever talented Ueda Tatsuya (who I was fangirling just a few posts ago). 

In addition, he’s going to be composing and writing all the music for the concert.  It won’t only be his previously written music, but new ones as well, totally to 13 songs over a 90 minute period.  The music won’t be just the ballads that we’re used to Tat-chan composing, rather a mix of all different kinds of genres.  I bet you he’ll play guitar for a nice portion of it as well. 

Also!  He’ll be showing us his special talent!  He’s going to be the first artist to ever box on stage!  Yup~!  Tat-chan’s known for being a very good boxer, and now he’s going to show us all!  Yay! 

The “special venue” will be at Johnny’s Theatre in Aomi, Tokyo, which can hold up to 3,300 people.  Dang, Ueda!! 

If this isn’t trying to get him some fans, then I dunno what is.  Best of luck to Ueda Tatsuya in preparing for this!!! 

And Kuri, don’t die from spazzing. 

Source: Sanpo
Translations: kioko_u @ LJ
Yuu @ Bww2 Forums



3 responses

28 06 2008
Kuri {♥}


*die from ♥ failure*

15 07 2008

omg!!! omg!!! i really wanted to go to his concert.. can somebody give any information bout it???? huhu.. just mail me,k..

6 10 2008
euda's hime

tat-chan is not one of the lesser popular members… hehehehe..

mouse peace sugoiiii~..

i’ve seen his picture for the concert..

like the one with the red jacket…

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