Bikkuri Project Survey

29 06 2008

This is becoming a trend now, isn’t it?  Blogger surveys?  Just like the top ____ was for a while.  Now Celestia of Bikkuri Project has a survey.  Fun times~

1. You have found a magical J-pop genie who will grant you one J-pop related wish (so no wishing for a million dollars or world peace or anything like that). It can be virtually anything as long as it’s directly related to J-pop, and don’t worry, because this is the nice sort of genie, not the kind who will try to find a loop-hole and screw up your wish. So, what do you wish for???

Definitely to join Hello! Project.  It’s been my dream since I’ve been a fan, as absurd as it is.  That would just… make my life. 

2. Is there any J-pop artist or group who seriously pisses you off? If yes, who, and why?

Yeah, there are.  Such as Tanaka Reina because she’s so fake and such an attention whore.  Well, a whore in general.  Don’t post hate comments, I could care less how much you disagree with me.  I know some people worship her.  I don’t.  Get over it. 

And Kanjani8.  I dunno why, but they just tick me off for some reason. 

3. Who do you think is the sexiest japanese singer out there?

Kamenashi Kazuya ftw kthxbai

4. How about the cutest?

Hagiwara Mai, Masuda Takahisa, and Chinen Yuuri. 

5. Best personality?

Junjun, Shimizu Saki, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Kamenashi Kazuya. 

6. If given the opportunity, would you rather date person 3, person 4, or person 5?

Three.  Threethreethreethreethreethreethreethree!!!!! 

7. You work for a Japanese music magazine, and you have the opportunity to interview your favorite artist or group. What are a couple of the questions you want to ask them?

I’d interview Berryz Koubou.  They’re not my absolute favorite, but I’d love to interview them.  I’d ask them how you deal with growing up as a young girl in the idol industry, not being allowed to date or have boyfriends.  And how they deal with creepy wota.  And how they can put up their demanding schedule while their hormones are raging and body is changing so much. 

8. What’s the best (J-pop) song to listen to when you are really sad?

Planetarium by Otsuka Ai

9. When you’re really happy?

Love so Sweet by ARASHI

10. Do you often sing along to your favorite songs?

Haha.  All the time.  All.  The time. 

11. How about dance?

Yes.  All the time for that, too.  :3

12. Artistic integrity question!! If someone offerrered to pay you for blogging, but they were allowed to censor some of your opinions or veto some of your blogging ideas, would you do it?

Yeah, probably.  Money is more important than calling Tanaka Reina a whore.  Lulz.

I cheated on some of them, didn’t I?  I think that was my favorite survey so far, I liked it.  8D



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29 06 2008

glad you liked it!

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