Monkies Like This

29 06 2008

Uhm… I just watched two very… interesting PVs.  The first was Berryz Koubou’s Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance and the second was Kuroki Meisa’s Like This.  Neither were very good, to be honest, but I’ve seen much worse, too. 

Kuroki Meisa – Like This

Okay.  This is just.  Weird.  I cannot look at KuroMei without thinking nun.  As soon as I heard her voice on the PV, I thought of her character from 1 Pound Gospel singing “Bounce bounce so do you like this?”  It kind of scared me, honestly.  But once I got past that, I thought what a bad idea it was for her to start singing.  Actors act, singers sing.  Sometimes the lines can be crossed, but usually not with anything close to good results.  KuroMei’s no exception. 

-What Works-

KuroMei’s hot.  She’s seriously like really sexy in some of those shots.  And while I didn’t think she would be able to pull it off, she dances really well, too.  And I like her lips. 

-What… Doesn’t-

Kuroki Meisa cannot sing.  She can act very well, but not sing.  She has a very soft voice, as anyone who’s doesn’t have natural talent would.  She also has a really small vocal range.  Those high notes were really obviously strained, it didn’t sound good.  She doesn’t have a vibrato, so the long notes, even the semi-long ones, didn’t sound good at all.  She tried doing a song like Koda or Namie, only they have the voices for it, and KuroMei doesn’t.  I’d suggest that if she must sing, that she should sing pop like early Ayaya or mihimaru GT (sans rapping). 


Meisa, stick to acting.  Singing isn’t one of your talents.  Stay with what you know. 

Berryz Koubou – Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance

I was dreading watching this after I learned that they actually wore monkey suits.  I remember a bit of the song from the radio rip, and it was all Risako, it pretty much is, just everyone else gets little bits to cover it up.  God, Risako, please get into some really horrible scandal and leave H!P forever.  PLEASE. 

-What Works-

Everyone got a nice ammount solo lines.  They gave Saki and Chinami Yurina’s usual lead.  That really makes me mad for Yurina, because she so deserves it, but Chinami and Saki are good singers, too.  I guess High-King did some good for Saki, as she never gets attention in Berryz.  The outfits they started out in were really cute, and so was the banana backdrop.  Chinami and Saki really shined in this.  I find myself liking Saki more now than her eyebrows don’t scare me so much. 

-What… Doesn’t-

Monkey outfits?  Seriously?  Not only is the song about monkies, but they’re dressed like monkies and dance like monkies.  Boy are they ever milking that for all it’s worth.  And why the hell are they raising their legs up that high in miniskirts??  Risako’s fucking twelve years old.  I don’t care how pedofiliac wotas are, that’s just wrong on so many levels. 

Speaking of Risako, I don’t even think I need to voice it for most of you to guess how I feel about her on this.  I absolutely loathe that she gets so many solos and is the center of all of it.  I mean, seriously, center.  The girls are bending over dancing around her while she stands up, hand on her hip, arm in the air.  It disgusts me, to be honest.  But I won’t go into any more detail on Risako.  It’s pissing me off just talking about her. 


Please, Tsunku, start taking these girls seriously.  It’s not fair that you dump all your shit work on them.  Captain’s turning 17 this year, it’s absolutely humiliating for her to be dancing around like a monkey in a monkey suit singing songs about monkies.  While they do pull it off, let’s face it: this song would have been cute around Happiness or Fighting Pose, but now it’s just a little ridiculous.   Berryz deserves a more mature image, like C-ute, who only debuted last year, while Berryz has been working their asses off for four years.  Don’t get me wrong, I love C-ute to death, but I just don’t think that’s right. 

Whatever.  H!P’s been fucked up since Aibon’s scandal(s) anyway.  But that’s another opinion for another day. 



3 responses

30 06 2008

this was sooooooo funny!
BTW,Risako-chan’s 14 not 12.
I Have just one question….
Is Tsunku on crack?

30 06 2008

whenever i think of that pv,I think of many monkeys.

21 10 2008
rit neo

I VERY MUCH AGREE. What’s so good about this song? Why does everyone like it? It’s not like the dance is cool either.

About Renai Riders, the dance is cheesy, but that’s my opinion. Opinions are basically useless.

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