Never Forget

30 06 2008

I don’t know how many of you realize this, but today is the last day Hello! Project trio v-u-den will be together.  In fact, considering the time changes, they’re probably already disbanded.  While they were never really successful, they tried hard and stayed really active.  It never seemed to get them down until this year. 

I always loved their music, too.  If only the public would have realized it before they called it quits.  Too bad.  I’m not an extremely sentimental person, but I thought I would at least give a small tribute post to them as we will never see them together again.  That’s a sad thought. 

Out of the three of them, I dislike Ishikawa Rika the most.  I’ve always disliked Rika, ever since I became an H!P fan.  I hated her at one point, but I got over it eventually and now I can tolerate her if I have to.  Which happens a lot because I love the other people of all the units she’s been in, so it’s a win-lose situation for me. 

Also out of the three girls of v-u-den, Rika has the most solid future.  Who knows what they’ll do to Erika and Okada, they might make more Yaguchi Mari’s out of them, but we know for sure that Rika will always be in the spotlight some way or another.  She has Gatas right now, and another rumored unit?  We’ll see about that. 

Miyoshi Erika was without doubt the best vocalist in Biyuuden.  I’d go as far to say she’s one of the best in H!P right now period.  It’s a real shame that all they’ll probably do is stick her in that same box that they stuck Ayaka and Marippe and all those other “soloists” (who never released any solo work) so she can do nothing for the rest of her career.  I wish she would switch to Avex, too, because she has such a good voice that she could make it far. 

Or put her in a permanent duo with Takahashi Ai.  They both have amazing voices and would make such a good pair.  And then Gaki-san would be leader~! 

Life sucks for Okada Yui.  I don’t see her doing anything else in Hello! Project.  She can’t sing very well, but she has a pretty face and the biggest boobs in H!P.  She’ll probably get thrown into that box with Erika and maybe release a few photobooks, but that’s it.  I can see her leaving H!P to become an AV idol. 

Anyway, Yui has and always will be my favorite member of v-u-den.  I love her to death and I really wish she would get put into another unit (because there’s no way she’s going solo).  One can always hope, right? 

I wish v-u-den the best in whatever Tsunku decides to do with them. 



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30 06 2008


1 07 2008
Jae Dior

I’ve honestly never heard of v-u-den. I don’t have any way of staying in touch with Japanese music as much as I would like so I have to hear about it different ways.

I’m here right now though because I ran across a post of yours that was from last year about Super Junior.
I don’t know, I really think your website here is very cool. Good job on it.

-Jae Dior

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