Ah, Golden Age MoMusu….

8 07 2008

I was browsing the Hello!Online Picboard and found a rather humorous image of the “Golden Age” Morning Musume lineup. I thought it was really cute when I clicked on it, and it’s just priceless. And then I began looking at all their faces and I couldn’t stop laughing. Here, let me share.

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Konno: Just take the damn picture already, my mouth is starting to hurt!
Takahashi: I can’t believe they’re making us wear this…
Kago: [to Tsuji] So then I blahblahblah…
Abe: Just smile and nod… smile and nod…
Yasuda: *trying to prove that glares can kill*
Yoshizawa: It’s so early… *yawn*
Iida: I wonder how you beat that boss on that video game…
Tsuji: [to Kago] Orly?? Then what happened??
Yaguchi: Look at my pouting face! Doesn’t it make you want to let us go for the day??
Ishikawa: Teehee! I love cameras~
Ogawa: That’s a camera….?
Niigaki: My face is a different colour than my neck…. sigh….




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