JE Dramas and Recent Releases

16 07 2008

A few nights ago I found out that Johnny’s is bad for my health. Every time I see them I turn into a pile of squeeling fangirl goo.

There have been a few Johnny’s releases lately and a couple dramas that I’ve been wanting to review badly, but every time I try, I just end up making a fangirl post. I mean… it might scare you. Which is why I haven’t done it. However, I do want to get my opinion out on a few things, so I’m going to make one big JE review of everything I’ve wanted to review lately and keep everything short and sweet. I can’t completely keep myself from fangirling, but I’ll try to limit it.

First is the PV to Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single, Your Seed. It’s the theme song for the Japanese version of the movie Kung Fu Panda (which has Jack Black in it, so I want to see it really bad). I’m surprised they’re already doing movie theme songs after only two other singles. But, putting into perspective, they are Johnny’s. And their sales rival those of the top Johnny’s groups (ARASHI, NEWS, KAT-TUN).

I feel really bad for my friend Shiori. She originally linked me to the video when it first came out, and thus had to endure my extreme fangirling (which was mainly screaming Yamada Ryosuke, Takaki Yuya, Yabu Kota, and Chinen Yuuri’s names every time I saw them).

I think the song is really catchy and the lyrics fit the movie (or at least what I can tell from the previews and guessing the plot). I really like the dance, they incorporated a lot of kung fu stances into it. Whoever choreographed that was really creative, even their formations were pretty cool. Also, while the PV was simple, I really liked how they had shots of just Hey! Say! BEST and Hey! Say! 7, and then combined shots as well.

And how Ryo and Yuya were the leads. They just… they just… I’ll spare you the fangirling.

Next is KAT-TUN’s third album, QUEEN OF PIRATES. I think the title’s rather amusing. Seeing as they’re all “male”. The cover is pretty amusing too. Koki looks like he’s trying to be Goku from DBZ. Junno looks like he’s trying to be Moses. Maru looks like he’s salsa dancing. And Jin looks like he’s try to be God. Kame and Ueda look pretty dang hot, though. Although, I think a pimp hat on Kame would have looked even better. But maybe that’s just me. And my fettish for pimp hats.

I really like this album overall. The only song I don’t like is MOTHER/FATHER (as opposed to Cartoon KAT-TUN II where I only liked a few songs), because it’s a ballad, and you all know I don’t like ballads. I was expecting HELL, NO to be really kick-ass, but it was just mediocre. Not bad, but not WOW! either. I’d have to say my favorite songs are TABOO, SHOT!, and SIX SENSES (which, if I’m not mistaken, is just by Kame, Koki, and Maru, yes?).

I really like the album overall, though, and I’m considering buying it. Mainly just to oggle at the jacket art.

Third is Tegomass’ third single, Aiaigasa. I really can’t say much about this because Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa just blow my brains out the window. I love this pair to DEATH. However, I absolutely love this song, they have amazing voices, and the PV is adorable. Okay? Okay. Next.

Then we have ARASHI’s latest single, One Love, which is the theme for the movie Hana Yori Dango: FINAL. I think more than the single itself I just love the fact that’s it’s for Hana Yori Dango, which I adore. I own both seasons of the drama on DVD (the only drama I’ve liked enough to buy) and am highly anticipating the movie getting subbed.

As for the PV, Ohno and MatsuJun are love, and the concept of the PV is love (wedding theme! ARASHI IS MARRIED TO ITSELF. POLYGAMY.), but I’m not a big fan of the song itself. I could definitely go without the bagpipes. But apparently fangirls don’t care with or without bagpipes, because according to Celestia, this is ARASHI’s fourth best-selling single ever. Huh.

I’ve also been watching a lot of dramas lately that I’ve been wanting to review, but again, can’t properly without turning into a pile of extreme fangirl goo.


Ahem. First is Yamashita Tomohisa’s 2006 drama Kurosagi. I’ve been debating whether or not to watch this for about half a year. Just a few months ago I became a fangirl of NEWS, and it wasn’t until I watched this that I became a fangirl of Yamapi, so I saw no real reason to. But I got bored. And I couldn’t bring myself to watch Liar Game (because of the creepy doll thing that reminds me of Saw), so I settled on this instead.

Yamapi’s amazing in this drama. As is Horikita Maki (who I’m a huge fan of). I love all of Yamapi’s characters. And I really like the plot. It’s really interesting. And the love triangle. Aaah, you have to love love triangles.

The movie didn’t seem like it should have been a movie. I was sure he would defeat Mikimoto, but it was just like another episode. So I’m assuming there’s gonna be another season as the story is not complete (Mikimoto and Kasturagi are still alive, Kurosaki and Tsurara aren’t together yet, Satoshi hasn’t returned, etc).

Aah, speaking of Satoshi, because of this, I semi-like Koyama now. I hated him until the episode he guest-starred in. He’s a pretty good actor, it makes him really likeable. Granted, he’ll never be a favorite, but I can stand him now.

I think, above everything else, even Yamapi’s sexiness, that I loved about this drama was Katsuragi. Or really, his actor, Yamazaki Tsutomu. He reminds me so much of my late grandfather it isn’t even funny. The looks, the way he acts, everything. It was hard to watch at some points, but overall it brought back a lot of good memories… and I’m getting really sentimental here, which isn’t something I normally do. So… NEXT.

Next is Horikita Maki’s 2007 drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (aka Hana Kimi). This only semi-counts as JE because Ikuta Toma is only semi-JE (he’s a junior, surprisingly, which I never knew before I started to look into him during this drama). I mainly watched it because of Oguri Shun. Who, if I were to review this fully, would be the main object of my fangirling (with a little bit of Tomapi, Mizushima Hiro, and yup, Horikita Maki).

Horikita Maki really shines in this. She’s an amazing actress. She made a really convincing boy most of the time. Really convincing. Shun’s pretty good, but way outshined by his costars. I also started to like Ikuta Toma because of this drama (I’ve seen him in a few dramas before but never really liked him). His character provided a lot of comic relief which was pretty entertaining.

I’m looking forward to the special for this drama, which is apparently coming out sometime this year. More Oguri Shun. Yay! *drool*

I’m currently watching this, so I don’t know about all the episodes, but since it’s Gokusen, I can pretty much predict everything that’s going to happen now that we’re on the third season. Yup, it’s the third season of Nakama Yukie’s school drama, Gokusen. They really need new screen writers for this drama. There is absolutely no variety between the seasons. None. It’s all the same plot. And then every episode has the same plot, so it gets really dull. But the lure of smexy JE boys is too strong to resist watching it, even if it does get old.

There’s one main reason that I love the Gokusen series. Season One: MatsuJun and Oguri Shun. Season Two: Akame. Season Three: Takaki Yuya.


As a bonus, season one had Nakazawa Yuko. Which made me squee to no end. I’m not even kidding. If I properly reviewed season one, I’d probably be fangirling Yuko more than MatsuJun or Shun. Seriously.

Anyway, this season is full of hot boys yet again (and that one guy that’s been in almost every drama I’ve ever seen, including one of my favorites, Princess Princess D). I’ve been predicting what’s going to happen in every episode. It gives me something to do and so far, I’ve been spot on. In some cases, I can even predict what they’re going to say. It makes me wonder what the hell they’re going to do for season four.

The fighting seems a lot more fake in this season than the other two. The only one that really convinced me was Yamato and Ren’s one-on-one fight. That was brilliant. But the rest are… barely par. I hope it gets better as the drama goes on.

I’m really, really, really looking forward to Code Blue and Maou. The first has Yamapi and Toda Erika (seriously, what could be better? My two favorite actors in the same drama~), and the second has Ohno Satoshi. Forget Ikuta Toma. Ohno Satoshi. Ohno!! Yay~!!



2 responses

17 01 2009


i’m erika. i’m also a hsj and YAMADA RYOSUKE super fan…

i’ve read some of your entries and felt the urge to introduce myself..

it’s just that…

you’re simply amazing.

hope we could be friends?

i like NEWS a lot too…especially yamashita tomohisa and masuda takahisa,,,

i love kat-tun’s keep the faith and arashi’s happiness.

as for hsj..i LOVE all their songs but i’m most especially fond of their UMP and your seed…

it rocks~!!

18 01 2009

@erika – Of course! ^^

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