Nakayama Yuma Solo

23 07 2008

God I love Shounen Club.

If you all remember, I made a big deal a while ago about finding the first JE/H!P sibling pair, Hello! Project SI☆NA’s Nakayama Nana and Johnny’s Kansai Hey! Say! 7 WEST’s Nakayama Yuma. While big sister Nana is touring 24/7 with HAPPY! STYLE, Yuma’s performing… solo??

On July 6th (actually the same day Nana started HAPPY! STYLE’S Communication Circuit 002), Nakayama Yuma performed his own medley on Shounen Club. One song was completely solo, the other featured the other members of Hey! Say! 7 WEST singing backup and rapping. I’ve never heard either of the songs, but Jitabata Junjou sounds an awful lot like Takaki Yuya’s Oretachi no Seishun put to different lyrics.

Anyway, things are looking up for the Nakayama siblings, I think. Maybe Yuma will debut soon~? He’s always the lead when Hey! Say! 7 WEST performs, or he performs solo. I hope so, because I’ve become a big fan lately (of both Nakayamas).




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24 07 2008

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