Edo no Temari Uta II First Thoughts

24 07 2008

There’s a lot to like and a lot to not like about this PV. For now, I’m not quite sure where I stand on it, I’m guessing that’ll ride on the b-side or how they perform it live.

But here are some of my thoughts:

-I love this style of music. I’m not quite sure what it’s called (I want to say it’s Ondo style… someone help me out there?), it’s the same style of music of Dancing! Natsu Matsuri (10nin Matsuri), Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo (Odoru 11), and C-ute’s own Do Don da Don Ondou. BUT. I really hate how they “modernized” it. They made it have a sort of techno feel, which I can understand because they’re not trying to appeal to old people, they’re trying to appeal to our generation of creepy wota (sorry, couldn’t resist), but I still wish it had been more traditional.

-Chisato’s voice kicks ass. As does Erika’s. And Maimai’s. BUT. Saki’s sucks.

-Chisato’s solo posing shot looked like Jesus (the way they lit her hands, she was in a white-ish colour). BUT. Kanna’s looked awkward.

-Of course Airi and Maimi open and end the PV (respectivally).

BUT. There are Eggypies in this PV. How could that not be awesome?

-The PV is really simple. BUT. For once it actually works. It reminds me of Hey! Say! JUMP’s new PV, Your Seed.

Those are all my initial thoughts. As you can see, I’m pretty torn on whether I like this or not. We’ll see, I guess.




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25 07 2008
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25 07 2008

Heh, Chisato Jesus. This PV is now even more awesome than it was before. XD

21 10 2008
rit neo

It’s 6% jazz, 4% pop, 10% flamingo, 40% Chinese Modern Music, 10% Japanese Modern Music, 2% dance, 8% techno, and 10% slow music.

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