Woah. Koharu?

28 07 2008

When did Koharu get sexy? She didn’t quite pull off the sexy facial expression, but the rest of it is win.

On the other hand, if I were Koharu’s mother and this was my 16 year old in fishnets, leather booty shorts, hooker boots, and an open black night shirt (accompanied with a tie that just screams she just finished with a client), I would be bitching at UFA to stop making my daughter out to be such a whore and do more useful things with her.  Such as teaching her how to sing.



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29 07 2008

Maybe I’ve become an old fogey before my time, but this photo is not appropriate for a 16 year old girl. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure it would be illegal in America to take or publish a picture like this of a 16 year old.

29 07 2008

@Rikki- I’m not sure about illegal, as Miley Cyrus does it, but it would definitely cause a shitload of controversy and possibly ruin her career if she were in the US.

29 07 2008

I must say, they don’t raise her rep with me, as I’m a girl, and I like the mature thing, but with her legs open revealing just how skinny she is–she barely fits the shorts–I did NOT need to know that. That’s just…wrong. I liked the other pics where she was standing with all the sexiness and stuff, but to have all that out there…I didn’t really need to see nor know that…

26 08 2008

Lol people are actually thinking this is illegal?


C’mon, it’s H!P. You can do anything inapropriate for an underage girl if H!P approves it.

6 09 2008

No, we can’t compare Miley Cyrus’ images to this. Miley’s was barely anywhere close to being as sexual as Koharu’s. And that backless image was nothing. Even Miley’s personal images with her bikini’s and stuff weren’t as sexual as Koharu’s images. Koharu’s “would” be illegal in America.

It doesn’t even seem to fit her personality. At least with Miley, her ‘sexy’ stuff felt more natural. Koharu’s ‘sexy’ stuff feel more forced and unnatural.

No, songah. They are not talking about “illegal” in Japan. They mean the USA.

19 01 2013

You girls are jelly a lot huh? you wish you could look like that, but you most probably eat too much donuts OR you live with parents who tell you what you can and what cannot do.. lame of you.

30 01 2013

That’s cute of you. I am a model myself, I have a wonderful body, and I’ve lived on my own since I was 18. At least I don’t waste my time making false assumptions about people who wrote something 5 years ago. It’s okay, not everyone has always been as awesome as me, so I forgive your envy.

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