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30 07 2008

So, since I can’t think of anything else to rank for my TOP! series, I’m going to start a new blog series called “Daisukki!! ___”, in which I’ll talk about the members of my favorite groups (mainly JE and H!P)~ No solo artists, though.

To start off, we have my current obsession, NEWS (I go through JE “phases”, and right now I’m in a NEWS phase).

First off! Leader-san~ Yamashita Tomohisa!!

For the longest time I was just like “Oh. Yamapi. Okay.” But I got really bored, and when I get bored, I watch dramas, so I finally gave in to my friends and decided to watch Kurosagi, Yamapi’s 2006 drama. It was then that I fell in love with Yamapi~ He was unbelievably sexy and all his characters were pretty funny, so it was rather enjoyable. Then I started paying attention to him more in interviews and shows and the such and loved him even more~ Besides that, he’s a good singer and an amazing rapper.

Nishikido Ryo

The Sexy Osaka Man is undoubtedly very sexy. Because of this, he was the only member I recognized when I first got into NEWS. Also, he was the first JE boy I ever saw (even if I didn’t know it was him), as 1 Litre no Namida was the first drama I ever watched, waaaay before I was into JE–even before I was into H!P. While I still think he’s one of the sexiest beings alive, my opinion on him has changed a lot since I’ve gotten into NEWS. First of all, you have to admit he’s the worst singer in NEWS. He’s not a bad singer, just everyone else is phenomanally better than him (save for maybe Shige who’s only a little bit better than him IMO). And then I watched Last Friends. For a while I couldn’t even look at him he repulsed me so much (or rather his character did, but I began viewing him as his character). Now it’s better, but every time he’s in dark lighting or anything dark I see him as Sousuke again and hate him.

Koyama Keiichiro

Koyama is the only member in NEWS that I’ve ever really hated. In fact, it’s only in the past few weeks that I’ve started liking him at all. I always just hated the way he looked and never really saw past that. Yeah, shallow, I know. After I saw him in Kurosagi and a couple interviews, I started to warm up to him, and after seeing him solo a few times, I really like him now. LOVE ADDICTION is the best song I’ve heard in a while. I soooo so so wish they would put it on an album (in case you don’t know, it was his solo song from Never Ending Wonderful Story). I’m still a bit “eehh” about Koyama, but I’m warming up to him more and more. He’s really funny. 😀

Masuda Takahisa

Massu is my favorite member of NEWS. He wasn’t always, but he has been since I got into Tegomass (a few months ago). Massu has everything. He’s one of the best vocalists in NEWS, he’s the best dancer, he’s the acrobat of the group (almost every JE group has one), and he can pull off both sexy and cute with flying colours~ Besides that, what makes me love him his is hand motions. Watch Massu live. He does it every single time without fail, especially when he’s doing a vocally demanding part. He does the most hilarious hand and arm movements. I burst out in laughter every time. There’s really nothing to dislike about Massu. Except maybe that he eats a lot. But that doesn’t really matter. Oh, and pumkin? Yeah, amazingly amazing and sexy song.

Kato Shigeaki

Shige’s the only member of NEWS that I really don’t have an opinion on yet. Yeah, he can be pretty sexy and funny at times, but he can also be really boring too. He’s not a great dancer or singer and gets winded more than the other members live, but he looks really sexy in glasses. So uhm. Yeah. Shige.

Tegoshi Yuya

You have to love Tegoshi as well. He’s so adorable and cuddly and cute~ He’s also without a doubt the best singer in NEWS (I’d go as far to say he’s one of the best in JE. Oh yeah. I went there). More so than the other members, from what I’ve noticed, Tegoshi looks like he has the most fun being an idol. He’s always so happy and so energetic in concerts and lives. He may not be the best dancer, but he still looks like he’s having fun doing it. And he’s hot. Really hot. Rivaling Yamapi hot. Yeah. I went there again.

NEWS is like… my third favorite JE group (but kind of second because they’re pretty much tying with KAT-TUN these days in my heart). I love them to deeeaaatthhh (even more so as I keep watching them!!)

I hope you enjoyed the first post in this series! Next time I’ll move away from fangirling and do an H!P group. ^^



4 responses

1 08 2008
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1 08 2008

I agree on you on almost everything but not that Massu has a nice voice. Like no way, but then again we all have our preferences.
If u look at Koyama closely in interviews you just might see that he is totally gay for Yamapi, like one of the reasons I love him!!! He was even gay for him in Kurosagi…
Tegochi does have the best voice I’ve heard in JE so far and yes he is as cute or cuter than Yamapi but maybe not as sexy.
Yamapi, isdhfkjbdglknseg
Ryo, the greatest actor ever and yes he scared me to death in LF but then I really thought of the work he must have put into the roll and ust respected him so much.
Lastly Shige, nice eyes candy!

1 08 2008

@Julili – Well, yeah, Massu has a weird sounding voice, but he’s got some mad singing skillz nonetheless.

ROFL Koyama is totally gay for Yamapi! I have noticed actually!! ❤

28 09 2008

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! they look so cute.

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