2008 Asia Song Festival

29 08 2008

I’ve never heard about this festival, but it’s a hot topic on an Asian gossip site that I frequent, asianbite.com, so I thought I’d check it out.  Mainly because I saw SNSD in the image and ew.  SNSD.  Why them?  But then upon further inspection of said image, what do I see?

Berryz Koubou?!

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Here we go again…

26 08 2008

2008 must be the Year of Scandals or something. I mean, seriously. This time, popular Hey! Say! JUMP member and Gokusen 3 star Takaki Yuya has been caught smoking and drinking underage. Wow, does this ever sound familiar.

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Daisukki!! Morning Musume

24 08 2008

My second post in my new “Daisukki!! ___” series, the H!P mothergroup, Morning Musume! My opinions on these girls seem to change constantly, so who knows, maybe in a few weeks, this won’t even apply (in fact, that probably will be the case).

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You Show Them SoHee

19 08 2008

Poor SoHee recieves more crap than any other member of Wonder Girls.  She’s critized because she’s the only cutesy girl of the group, people question her singing ability, and say she has no personality, among some of the shitty things said about her.  She really doesn’t deserve any of it.  The fact that she debuted under JYP is reason enough to show that she’s talented.

Anyway, recently I came across a video from a WG fan meeting where SoHee dances flawlessly to a Beyoncé song.  And I mean flawlessly.  She was sexy and showed everyone that she is talented.  It was like “BAM!  SoHee’s in the house!”


And even if she is my favorite member of WG, that’s not the only reason I defend her.  kthxbai.

Some PV Reviews (or Do Me Haru Crazy Love?)

14 08 2008

So I’ve been catching up on some fairly new PVs lately. And surpsingly (for me), I really liked all of them. Well, I knew I would love Namie Amuro’s Do Me More PV (I’ve been listening to it on my iPod a lot lately), but I was really (painfully) shocked to find that I loved Big Bang’s Haru Haru PV (but not Oh My Friend… lulz that’s a funny one), and slightly less so when I watched THE Possible’s latest PV, Ijiwaru Crazy Love.

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