SuJu Wins the MTV Asia Award….

4 08 2008

Super Junior won the “Favorite Korea Artist” award at the MTV Asia Awards. This makes me happy (as much as I wanted Wonder Girls to win); they deserve an award for all the shit ELF has been giving them this past year. But the most hilarious thing of all? ….


Heechul looks so stoned there. Either that or he has a massive hangover. And it also looks like he got into a fight with his blow dryer.

Oh, and DongHae?

…ROFL… stop trying to look like MatsuJun… it doesn’t look good on you. 8D It makes you a lot less hot, actually. HeeChul as well.

And YeSung?

ShiWon’s hairstyle doesn’t look hot on you, either.

HyukJae looks like he’s holding a gold dog bowl. He’s such a dork. But everyone else seems to have come looking decent. Yay everyone else! (Especially Kyu *drool*)

It’s really a shame HanKyung wasn’t there. Stupid Chinese dramas.

(picture credits: sj-market)




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