Morning Musume Single Daizenshuu

5 08 2008

After getting tired of lazy people not uploading the concert to youtube, I gave up and downloaded the whole thing from Veoh! Where the not lazy people are. I have like eight Hello! Project DVDs, but for some reason the quality of this concert gave me goosebumps. Not that it was amazingly good or anything, but MoMusu in all their HQ glory covering an entire computer screen’s something worth watching. Anyway, I’m going to review the concert as I watch it!


This is the best H!P concert opening I’ve ever seen. Honestly. They’re all like “BAM! WE’RE HERE BITCHEZ”—especially Aika. She looked fierce.

02. Resonant Blue

I’ve seen this before. It’s a really good performance. And I was shocked Koharu sang live. And Junjun pwns life. I really love how they did the instrumental break on the stairs, that was pretty cool.

03. Onna ni Sachi Are

Here’s one I haven’t heard in a while. While Gen8 try really hard, it’s obvious that they aren’t nearly as on par performing live as the other girls. They haven’t quite gotten down controlling their energy and not getting completely winded after one song. And as much as I hate to admit it, Koharu didn’t sound completely repulsive in this song. She didn’t sound good, but it’s a lot better than what she did when the song first came out. Linlin also did a lot better on her solo line than she used to. She’s gotten past the “OMG I HAVE TO SOUND LIKE MOMOKO!!” stage. Junjun got a lot of solo shots on the instrumental break. That was really nice to watch. And I was really impressed with Kamei. She handled her solo really well.

04. VTR – Member Introductions

This is usually before the singing even starts, so I was surprised that it was after the first two songs. I really really like that they went backwards with the members. LinJun were first. 😀 Koharu’s picture looked HORRIBLE, ftw. This also reminded me that Sayumi is still ahead of Reina in seniority. So that means Reina won’t be leader for a long, LONG time (if at all). That’s very reassuring. And Risa was hot.

05. MC01


06. Egao YES Nude

I’ve been dying to see this with LinJun. Junjun looked really hot doing the dance. And she got a solo line!! YAY. Reina and Koharu murdered their solo lines (the ones they had in the original arrangement), though. Takahashi’s gotten a million times better at her adlibs in this, it’s no longer painful to listen to (sans Reina and Koharu). Overall, even though this doesn’t sound right without Yossie, it’s a lot better than it used to be.

07. Iroppoi Jirettai

This is one of my favorite Morning Musume songs. I am so excited to see it with LinJun it isn’t even funny. Kamei saying her opening line while taking really, really deep breathes just fit perfectly. It fits with the desperateness of the line. It’s too bad that they cut it short, I really wanted to hear Risa do Mikitty’s ending chorus line. And seriously, what the hell is with the tattoo on Reina’s arm? It looks really stupid.

08. Osaka Koi no Uta

Okay, Aika doing Yossie’s monolouge at the beginning is weird. Couldn’t they have an older member do it? I mean, she nailed it, but it just didn’t seem right. I guess I’m still getting used to Yossie not being in the group. I don’t like how Takahashi was such a line whore. Junjun doing this dance was really hot as well. I wish she had gotten a chance to sing. I’m also kind of disappointed it was Kamei and not Risa that got Rika’s parts. Kamei did them fantastically (she really nailed the Osaka dialect), but I’m still more biased towards Risa.

09. MC02


10. Kanashimi Twilight

I really hate this song without Mikitty and Yossie. And I’ve seen this lineup perform it. So I skipped this one.

11. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan

I saw the vocal training for this, it was interesting. Risa really overpowered everyone on the group parts, kind of like how Mikitty used to. I really hate that ReinAi were such line whores in this—this song is supposed to give the non-leads solos. At least the original did.

12. Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~

I also hate this song. And I can predict that ReinAi will get all of the solos, so I skipped this, too.

13. Do It! NOW – Takahashi Ai

Yeah, I don’t want to watch Takahashi solo. Even if I do like her these days, it’s not enough to sit through her whoring one of my favorite MoMusu songs solo. No thanks. (But, uhm, lolz, her makeup smeared and it made her look stoned :D) Although, I did happen to stumble upon the rap, which is why I like the song, and I LOVED it. That was the only part I watched, and it was so worth it.

14. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~

Even after all these years, Risa still nails that opening line. And I mean, really, she nailed it. This is another favorite MoMusu song of mine. I absolutely love the outfits they’re in, even if they’re not Mr. Moonlight at all. Takahashi’s outfit was really hot, but once again, she whored all the lines. This was Takakashi solo, and once again, she ruined one of my favorite songs. I was praying for a Takahashi-Risa-Kamei lead on this (following the Yossie-Gaki-Abe on the original), but no, she had to sing it solo. Ew.

15. Furusato – Michishige Sayumi

Oh God. I’ve been dreading this. Sayumin may be getting better at singing, but not Furusato better. Not even close. Everyone like “OMG SAYUMIN NAILED IT LEIK OMFG SHE’S SO AMAZING!” No. No. She murdered it. The only thing I like is the new arrangement. And how the Gen6 girls’ solos all had a really mellow flow to them. (Although, despite myself, she put a lot of emotion into that performance)

16. Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago – Kamei Eri

This is the best of the Gen6 solos. Kamei does this really well. I’ve been dying to hear this song live lately, but unfortunately it’s very underloved. It would be nice if Konkon had randomnly popped up and sung this with Kamei. It is her song, after all.

17. Memory Seishun no Hikari – Tanaka Reina

She murdered this song. It’s one of my absolute favorite MoMusu songs and she murdered it. Thanks a lot, Reina.

18. Manatsu no Kousen – Niigaki Risa (with Takahashi Ai, Michishige Sayumi, Kamei Eri, and Tanaka Reina)

I was really looking forward to this. Out of the entire current lineup, Risa does the best with old Momusu songs. And I remember that she did all Marippe’s harmonies on the 10nen Kinentai concert version, and she did them really well. So I was looking forward to her getting the main part this time. She really has such a powerful voice. It really did her well here. The other four (I mainly heard Takahashi) did the harmonies really well. I have to say without a doubt this is my favorite performance of the entire concert (though, as I said, I’m strongly biased).


I like this performance a lot. I wish you could hear the harmonies, because you could tell they were doing them, but they silenced them for some reason. >[

20. Summer Night Town

This is also one of the best performances. Sayumin is seriously neglected in this song, but that’s probably not a terribly bad thing. LinJun get lots of lines, which is a nice change seeing as they’ve been seriously neglected so far as well. It’s really short, but it’s all good because they did really well on what little of it they did.

21. MC03


22. Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima – Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika, Junjun, Linlin

This was the most anticipated song for me. For one, this is my favorite MoMusu song ever. Second, it’s got all of Gen8. The only bad thing is Koharu. Darn. The outfits are quite hideous. And oh my God. Koharu murdered her parts. Especially Marippe’s opening. She is not WORTHY of Marippe’s lines. Junjun more than makes up for it (OMG HER “COME ON!” WAS SO CUTE), but Koharu’s like the annoying sidekick that you can never get rid of. I really like that Linlin controlled her cutesyness on this and used her real voice (I was afraid that because of the sillyness of the song she would go all fake on us). And I’m also very surprised that they didn’t get incredibly winded as I thought they would. Koharu once again murdered her line on the monolouge, but Junjun was so cute, it was okay.

23. Morning Coffee – Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina

I have one thing to say about this: Tanaka Reina cannot pull off Iida Kaori. kthxbai.

24. Medley

Of course JKM was part of the medley. I was really hoping for a JKM4 with JunLin singing in Chinese~ Anyway. The Hyokkori outfits and the Coffee outfits clash horribly.

Daite! Hold on Me – FUCK YES. THEY DID THE RAP!!! That was all I wanted to hear from this song. <333 This song alone was also one of the best performances of the concert, even if it was part of a medley.

Chokkan 2/Sexy Boy – These two go together really well. I liked how they kept the “SOUDA SOUDA SOUDA!”s going throughout Sexy Boy. Sexy Boy was just made for medleys.

JKM – Haha, the roulette thing was funny. It’s really, really disappointing that only Takakashi got a verse. Really disappointing. But I wasn’t expecting much more anyway.

Go Girl – I’m surprised this was part of a medley and not on it’s own, but then again, I’m not a big fan of this song, so I don’t really care.

Overall, this is one of the better MoMusu medleys I’ve heard. But still not my favorite. Except for Daite. That was win.

25. MC4


26. THE Manpower!!!


Ahem. Wow. The opening to this was so cool!! And the dance they did at the beginning was really cool, I like it better than the original. Thank God Risa’s doing Yossie’s parts and not Reina. Reina would have ruined it. She does not have the powerful voice to do Yossie’s parts like Risa does. Kamei way outdoes Mikitty. I’m so glad Reina wasn’t doing those, either. Junjun’s really BAM, IN UR FACE powerful on this song. She would have made a decent Yossie as well. This is definitely my second favorite performance. It’s so good. They’re all really powerful, like they were saving all their energy for this one song. And God, Risa nailed her parts so so so amazingly.

27. Shabondama

I had to force myself to watch it. It’s one of my least favorite MoMusu songs, but I’ve skipped a lot of songs, so I put up with it. It was so worth it. This was almost, not quite, but almost as good as the previous song energy-wise. The original song was better, unlike the previous, but they did pretty good. And any song that Risa line whores is automatically amazing in my books. And I so called that Kamei would do Rika’s monolouge. I prayed that Reina wouldn’t. And thank God she didn’t. Kamei is so much cuter doing it. And she does the emotions hilariously. Like she’s PMSing. I don’t even think Rika herself did it as well. And, uhm, EW, Koharu got a solo. The ending was perfectly dramatic though.

28. MC05


29. Medley

Another medley~ This one is all classic Golden Age MoMusu. The opening was pretty cool. For a minute I thought they were gonna whip out something from Cindrella the Musical.

I WISH – Yay Mittsi. Boo Koharu. Yay LinJun. I love that the younger half of MoMusu got so many solos. 😀 And rofl, did any of you notice, on Koharu’s second solo, Gaki’s talking quite animatedly and pointing at something. It’s pretty funny.

Happy Summer Wedding – Junjun is so adorable. For once Sayumin didn’t murder her solo. ROFL. GAKI DOING MARIPPE’S “PAPALLA NO ACCHA!” IS SO HILARIOUS. <33333

Koi no Dance Site – Wow. Takahashi, Risa, and Junjun doing that little dance was really cool. Everyone knows Takahashi is a great dancer (C\C anyone?), and Junjun’s pride is in her dancing (RB anyone?), but I didn’t know Risa could dance good as well. And damn, that was a really quick costume change. And Junjun’s “Majisukka?!” was so adorable it wasn’t even funny. It makes the song amazing. I was wondering who would do Marippe’s Sexy Beam, and it’s a fact: no one but Marippe can do it.

Souda! – I liked the little mini-dance opening. That was different. But I skipped the rest because I hate this song.

The Peace – Wow. Another ridiculously quick costume change. I swear they wear like 5 layers of costumes and just keep stripping in these 10 second intervals. Poor Aika and her stomach bandage. D:

Renai Revolution – Once again, that dance at the opening was awesome. I’m surprised Sayumin got so many lines, but it was a pretty good performance, nonetheless.

I like this medley better than the last one mainly because of all the dancing and… Junjun.

30. MC6


31. Koko ni Iruzee!

One of the best MoMusu songs ever. They always seem to use smoke when performing this. Kamei always does Aibon and Nono’s parts so well. It’s obvious everyone is pretty winded by now, but they always have so much energy on this song anyway. Gaki went a bit crazy for a while there, though. Reina can’t do Aibon’s line/kick nearly as well as Aibon did.

32. Mikan/33. Aruiteru

I’m not a big fan of either of this songs, so I skipped both.


34. MC07

…lots of MCs on this concert….

35. Ai Araba IT’S ALL RIGHT

Oh no. The costumes with bird tails coming out their sides. I hate that. They would be so cute without those. Koharu pretty much murdered this performance.

26. LOVE Machine

As sick of this song as I am, since it’s the last number, I forced myself to watch this as well. And omg. LinJun open it. That hooked me right away. Risa’s face on the “DEIYAA-” was priceless. Koharu looks really, really retarded on the instrumental break (her marching.. thing). I love that Reina and Risa held on to some of the streamers, that was really cute. I was hoping LinJun would get the “LOVE MASHIIN” at the end, but Aika’s just as good. And I’m glad that LinJun got more attention then when they performed this when they first joined (when this song was performed at every single live MoMusu did in their Asia expansion).

Overall, this was a really amazing concert, and while there were some really horrendous performances, there were some pretty awesome ones, too. It’s nothing compared to Sexy 8 Beat (yet a lot better than Bon Kyu), but MoMusu’s obviously improving a lot, and that’s always a good sign. Are we entering a new Golden Age~? (The answer?: no way in hell, but it’s nice to dream, right?)




6 responses

7 08 2008
[Blogs] Shanimuni Paradise discussing a Morning Musume concert | International Wota

[…] Morning Musume Single Daizenshuu […]

7 08 2008

Hmmm Koharu killed Tsuji’s line Shabondama, hell even Sayumi would have done better. It was nice that Risa got Miki’s line in RMDB but since I’m not a fan of the song I pretty much ingore it. I didn’t like Reina getting Kaori’s lines in Morning Coffee…I pretty much imagine it Niigaki->Iida and Takahashi->Abe.

8 08 2008

I really liked the whole performance. Aika was especially wonderful, especially in the end and in some of the smaller numbers. She has progressed a lot over the past year,

8 08 2008

Your post reminded me to watch this concert, so thanks for that!

About Roman, though– turns out Gaki actually gets a lot of solo lines, so you might want to watch it after all? I liked it. :3

22 08 2008

The blogger is partial to Kamei Eri, Niigaki Risa and doesn’t like Tanaka Reina.

10 12 2008

I was so proud of Aika. Though a part(I couldn’t remember what song)of a song, she almost looked like she was in pain. Wow what a trooper. And at the end of Roman My Dear Boy, a glimpse of her made me notice something. She was holding her stomach but still smiled and I couldn’t help but yell “AIKA!”.

Aaaw, I love them all…except Koharu.

Takahashi is always amazing. And in Mr. Moonlight, oh my gawsh whatta pimp. I love her! One of the best!

Reina…eh? What can I say? She winks too much and those earings…NO! EW! Over all, I still can’t help but like her in the end because of her energy. And I just love the way she handled the last part of Roman my dear boy; “My dear…C’MON!”. I just wish she could use her lower voice more often.

Risa. Sigh, one name and when I hear it, I always picture her smile. She’s one of my many idols. She is in many words; TALENT. AMAZING. SMILE. CUTE. FIGHTER. SINGER. DANCER…oh yes, and future pimp of momusu.

Kamei. Awe, MoMusu’s turtle. I love her.

Aika is awesome. SHe brings so much energy into the concerts and it’s hard not to notice her.

Linlin’s voice, OMG! She doesn’t use her squeaky tone anymore!

Junjun’s is soo coool. There were sooo many shots of Jun and I love em all. SHe has a lovely voice and great dancing.

Sayumi is…well…I don’t know. I like her and then I don’t.

Koha. Aurgh. I swear, I’ve heard her talk with a lower voice before and she sounds soo much better.

That is all….

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