Gachinko de Ikou!

12 08 2008

So Buono!’s new PV came out.

I have to say, my initial reaction to this is better than any other Buono! PV so far.  I love that they’re playing games, that’s really cute, and that once again Buono! proves that they can really dance.  Oh, and apparently, as of this PV, Momoko has proclaimed herself the leader of Buono!.  Right.

This, as pretty much everyone is saying, is rather typical Buono!.  But I think it has something different.  I like it a lot more than any of their previous singles.

For one, they have an actual band.  Unlike Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! where they pretended to play the instruments themselves, this time they have the real deal.  They still pretend like they can play while the musicians put on a smile and send them the “back the fuck off my instrument” look (or at least the keyboardist did).
I really like that.  It’s so rare to see real instruments in H!P.  I just pray and pray that they perform live with that band.

Second, they all look amazing.  Like, really, really hot.  Miyabi looks great with that hair colour.  And a fedora hat.  Looks really hot on her.  I never realized how long Airi’s hair had gotten.  But it’s pretty dang long.  It looks good, but I think I like her with shorter hair (a la Tokaikko Junjou).  And thank God Momoko’s hair is growing out, it looked awful when she first cut it.  Unlike Airi, I think Momo looks infinitely better with long hair.

Speaking of Momo, she didn’t repulse me in this video.  She’s oh so slowly letting her voice deepen, as it naturally should be.  I think she’s been doing this all along with Buono!.  I think it’s Berryz that’s keeping her filled with helium.  Because, seriously, Monkey Dance?!  But uhm, yeah.  That’s another rant for another day.   Miyabi and Airi also sound really good.

For some reason, Airi looks really really hot when she’s getting ready to throw that dart.  Yes, I say these things with dignity as a 100% straight fangirl.

All the games are really cute.  Like Jenga (one of the funnest games ever made), the weird card game where apparently the joker is very bad (I feel like I should know what game this is, but I don’t), and the pirate game!!  That’s such a fun game.

I saw at the beginning of the PV the chalkboards from Hontou no Jibun and Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!, which I thought was amusing, and then they appear at the end again.  Apparently that signals for everyone to go “OMG BUONO’S DISBANDING THE ANIME ENDS IN A WEEK OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG SPAAZZZZ”.


Remember their album, Café Buono!?  Yeah, it had absolutely nothing to do with the anime Shugo Chara.  Buono! can do releases that don’t involve the anime.  So does this mean they’ll disband?  I highly, highly doubt it.  Buono! is the most successful subgroup that H!P has had… well, pretty much ever.  I don’t think they’ll throw them away just because their anime ended.

I’m really looking forward to the b-side, Lady Panther.  That looks like it’ll be amazing.




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12 08 2008

Most successful sub-group ever? Minimoni’s first single sold 763,380 Chokotto love sold 1,123,610 Even the worst selling single of tampopo sold 60,450.
It’s true that Buono! can go on without the anime, but that doesn’t mean that they are gonna success, the true is that the anime helps a lot to the sales.
And I doubt they are disbanding soon, because the anime was successful enough to have another year. So at least it’s very possible to have them for another year \(^_^)/
But I really think that ending the anime would be a big problem for the band.
Btw, Buono! is not in any UFW record label, Tsunku doesn’t do lyrics, composition or arragement for the songs. It’s more like H!P (or UFA in any case) lend three popular Idols to make a band for the anime.
But still hope that they don’t disband after the anime ends because I really like it.

12 08 2008

Also, there’s going to be another season of Shugo Chara, so Buono! won’t be disbanding anytime soon.

At least, according to this post at “There is never a wrong thread to post a Risako,”…

16 08 2008

Card game = Old Maid. (or some variant of it)

19 08 2008
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21 10 2008
rit neo

the anime is going for more. shgo chara doki also has shugo chara egg, an egg group, so buono is still ongoing.

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