Some PV Reviews (or Do Me Haru Crazy Love?)

14 08 2008

So I’ve been catching up on some fairly new PVs lately. And surpsingly (for me), I really liked all of them. Well, I knew I would love Namie Amuro’s Do Me More PV (I’ve been listening to it on my iPod a lot lately), but I was really (painfully) shocked to find that I loved Big Bang’s Haru Haru PV (but not Oh My Friend… lulz that’s a funny one), and slightly less so when I watched THE Possible’s latest PV, Ijiwaru Crazy Love.

First is Namie Amuro’s Do Me More PV~!

Haha, when I first heard this song, it was at like 3 in the morning after watching some cheap horror movie and it scared the shit out of me (the opening). It took me a couple days to listen to it fully after that. 😀 But I’m glad I did, this is my favorite song on Namie’s new best-of album, Best Fiction (which is selling remarkably well!). I kept forgetting to watch the PV, but I finally did this morning since I had nothing else to do. I expected and hoped for it to be oddly creepy, and it didn’t fail to satisfy that. I love the twisted Alice and Wonderland theme, it fits well. The little girl seriously looks like a doll. And lulz, the two guys in dresses and heels.

Namie’s way sexy in this (the black outfit was really hot), as she should be (that reminds me to go watch Sexy Girl…). I love that she was the Queen of Hearts (well, the equivalent of what would be), except evil… ish. Maybe she’s more like the witch. Except she helps the little girl. Huh. The ending was so much win (where she gives the little girl another apple). Namie looked like she was going to kidnap the girl.

Anyway, this is like my favorite Namie song right now (I like it more than 60s70s80s). The only thing I’m wondering is why Vidal Sassoon produces all of Namie’s PVs lately. That’s a great endorsement for her I guess. It’s brought her back into the J-music spotlight. Which she so deserves.

Next is Big Bang’s Haru Haru PV!

I’m really disappointed in myself. I’ve hated Big Bang since I found out about them around a year ago. I resolved to never ever ever like them because they stole SuJu’s award (and because they’re as metro as Kpop gets :D). But no. Damn them and their extremely catchy music. And damn G-Dragon and T.O.P. for being so amazingly sexy. DAMN THEM.

The PV for this song makes me cry. It’s so sad. But it’s really good at the same time. Big Bang really knows how to make PVs, I’ve never seen one that’s not amazing. The song itself is (surprise, surprise) really catchy and addictive. I had it on repeat for about half an hour last night (because nothing else on my iPod can even compare to that song right now).

I like the raps in this song the best. Because… well, it’s G-Dragon and T.O.P. The epitomy of hot rapping. I love the fight they do in the PV, even if the lyrics don’t fit at all as they yell them at each other. On the other hand, the PV is amusingly emo (mainly just G-Dragon and his riduculous ammounts of eyeliner smearing all over the place). And Big Bang wears more eyeliner than the girl that stars in the PV. That’s funny. And the Burger King crown is hilarious (forget who wears it, sorry).

Oh, and you know what else is hilarious? Oh My Friend. I laughed so much. G-Dragon’s hair is RIDICULOUS. It looks horrible. 😀 Oh, and during the PV, he felt the need to put even more eyeliner on. I’ve never seen anyone wear as much eyeliner as Big Bang. And I’m in high school, where girls (and guys) discovering makeup wear it half an inch thick. Yeah.

And last is THE Possible’s newest PV, Ijiwaru Crazy Love.

I watched this on an impulse. Mainly just to see how much it sucked. See, THE Possible has sucked ever since HAPPY 15. Their whole lolita thing was just a joke. And they tried punkier music and playing instruments and just… no. It was horrible. I’m glad they dropped it for their major label debut, but they still sucked. Kazoku e no Tegami was awful. I couldn’t watch more than half a minute of it. Not even that. So I pretty much just watched Ijiwaru Crazy Love with the intention of hating it and only watching a couple seconds. But I was shocked–it’s really good. In fact, I’d say it’s the best song THE Possible’s ever released.

First of all, Robin isn’t the center for once. Yeah, she gets a lot of solos, but so does everyone else, which I really like. I enjoyed the shots of them with no makeup and their hair normal. They really look like nothing but a couple of normal girls when they’re not done up.

Oh, and yeah, Robin looks incredibly annorexic.

I think THE Possible should stick to this kind of music, it’s what’s popular nowadays. And the outfits are a huge improvement from… well, every other costume they’ve ever had. The whole sexy image really works for them.

Except. UGH. ROBIN. WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO RUIN IT!? All the other girls have mature, sexy voices and can actually sing, but no, Robin has to steal the spotlight with her cutesy voice and just ruin it. She really is the odd one out in THE Possible. WHY CAN’T SHE LEAVE?! She’d fit much better in Canaria Club.

So yeah. Three PV reviews in one because I’m too lazy to make seperate posts and I like meshing song names together. 😀




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14 08 2008
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[…] Some PV Reviews (or Do Me Haru Crazy Love?) […]

15 08 2008

I think Robin looks a bit like Daniel Radcliff XDDD

17 08 2008

we have the same opinion! about robin.
all of the girls have like a round face structure you know?
and then shes got the the whole not round face gooing on 🙂

23 08 2008

I agree with Big Bang making really good MVs… And their songs are incredible! I necver like hip hop music before. Lies MV makes me cry a lot, especially the last part with that one blond guy (I’m sorry I don’t know their names yet, I just got into them recently) whispering to the girl behind the glass. And the story is also so sad! And Haru Haru is just about as amazing and sad as Lies. Big Bang’s songs are so awesome that I fell for them just after watching Haru Haru MV once. Usually I have to spend a little time getting to know a group before I really start to love a group.

Wow… That THE Possible’s song was pretty surprising. Ijiwaru Crazy Love was pretty different from those lolita songs… The only THE Possible song I liked so far was kaze no Uwasa. After that I lost my interest… What I like about THE Possible is the fact they are pretty much on the same leveö when it comes to their skills. They can all do a quite equally good job. It’s not like Morning Musume where there are the good ones and the bad ones.

And Robin totally does look anorexic, how can she be so skinny?!

23 08 2008

@Andra – The “blonde” one (is he really blonde??) in Lies in G-Dragon. ❤

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