You Show Them SoHee

19 08 2008

Poor SoHee recieves more crap than any other member of Wonder Girls.  She’s critized because she’s the only cutesy girl of the group, people question her singing ability, and say she has no personality, among some of the shitty things said about her.  She really doesn’t deserve any of it.  The fact that she debuted under JYP is reason enough to show that she’s talented.

Anyway, recently I came across a video from a WG fan meeting where SoHee dances flawlessly to a Beyoncé song.  And I mean flawlessly.  She was sexy and showed everyone that she is talented.  It was like “BAM!  SoHee’s in the house!”


And even if she is my favorite member of WG, that’s not the only reason I defend her.  kthxbai.




4 responses

21 08 2008

SoHee is my favourite Wonder Girls too, got to love this clip she dances amazingly!!
Plus she looks amazing…as always!

21 08 2008

She’s not my favourite Wonder Girl and there was a period of time when she truly annoyed me but I have nothing against her now.
I’m still not too convinced with her singing, but she’s definitely improved – I could never fault her dancing though.
She’s tight and on-beat I just found that performance a teeeeensy bit too cutesy for my liking, but that doesn’t make it any less good.

23 08 2008

It’s funny… If you compare SoHee’s singing to Morning Musume she definetely on the better side in my opinion. I’ve got nothing against SoHee but she isn’t really interesting to me. It’s not about being too cutesy since I love cute things (why else would I be a huge fan of H!P and SNSD? :P) but there are other members that just overshadow her. SoHee still gets her fair share of love so there’s nothing to worry about. (:

YooBin is my favourite! And I love leader and SunMi too.

28 08 2008

yeah,i hate that people say that she’s not attractive,she’s my all time fave wonder girl because she gives outa yoshimura ayaka vibe.

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