Daisukki!! Morning Musume

24 08 2008

My second post in my new “Daisukki!! ___” series, the H!P mothergroup, Morning Musume! My opinions on these girls seem to change constantly, so who knows, maybe in a few weeks, this won’t even apply (in fact, that probably will be the case).

Once again we’ll start with Leader-san! Takahashi Ai!

My opinion on Takahashi has changed so much since I got into Morning Musume. I used to hate her with a passion. A firey hot passion. So much that I would not listen to anything that had her in excess. And I wouldn’t watch her solo. Or on anything that centered around her. I didn’t even want to listen to Onna ni Sachi Are because she would be the leader for it. But somewhere inbetween Mikan and Resonant Blue (not the H!P concert, because I still disliked her), I slowly started to warm up to her. I realized she’s a fantastic leader for these girls and that Fujimoto Miki couldn’t have even compaired (I was upset about that one for a long time). She really can sing very well, despite how much I used to think otherwise, she’s just human and gets winded. And while it still bugs me that she’s in the spotlight so much, I can definitely enjoy her presence a lot more now.

Oh, yeah. And she’s really hot in a fedora.

Gaki-san has been my favorite Morning Musume member since Yossie left. While some people may argue against it, she’s a really great vocalist and she’s the ideal idol. She’s hot when she needs to be, adorable when she needs to be, funny when she needs to be, a dancer when she needs to be, and singer when she needs to be, and above all else, a great subleader all the time. She has this never-ending energy. I cannot wait until she’s leader. Not that I’m wanting Takahashi to leave anytime soon (like I used to), but Gaki-san will make an amazing leader with Kamei Eri as her subleader.

Kamei Eri used to just kind of be there. I never really cared about her, kinda like how I never really cared about Ogawa Makoto when she was still in the group. I didn’t like her, but I certainly didn’t dislike her either. She never got any lines, so she didn’t bother me either way. I started noticing her around Onna ni, which was pretty much her debut as a lead in Momusu (she’s not ReinAi lead, but like Gaki-san). I was impressed that she could actually sing pretty decently. Since then she’s been pretty neglected, but she really shined during Haru Single Daizenshuu. She really connects with the other girls from what I can tell—I think she’ll make a great subleader.

While she is improving, Sayumi has undoubtedly always been the worse singer in Morning Musume. She got in on looks, and justifiably so, because I think she’s one of the most gorgeous faces to ever grace Morning Musume. But when it comes to the group singing, she brings them down as a whole. I think she would be a fantastic model, but being an H!P idol isn’t quite for her. I don’t think it’s possible for her to become a good singer, and I think eventually she’ll graduate and focus on modeling or something (or so I hope). I like her in the group, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t think it’s her calling.

I hate Tanaka Reina. Simple as that. She can’t sing to save her life, everything about her screams prositute (although I suppose she uses that as a selling point), and she’s an attention-craving bitch. All she can ever say about Morning Musume is how much she wants to be leader. Yeah, that’ll be the day I stop listening. The only thing I think she has going for her is that she’s an okay dancer.

Yes, feel free to flame me for this, I’ve heard it all.

I used to love Kusumi Koharu. Then, somewhere down the line, someone hit my on my head and I was brought back to reality. Now I don’t like her so much. Her singing repulses me more than Reina’s and Sayumi’s combined. Her solo songs are so painful that I can’t even listen to a full song of hers anymore. She’s the most fake idol I’ve ever seen. She’s a camera WHORE. She can’t dance and she really lowers the bar for H!P because she has to lipsync to keep from damaging people’s eardrums. Yes, she’s pretty. But that’s about it.

If you know me at all, you know that I’m almost always one to root for the underdog. I had my doubts about Mitsui Aika when she first joined, but mainly because for me, her joining meant Yossie leaving and I hated that more than anything. Most western fans were very speculative of her for her first two singles, but it wasn’t until Onna ni that people really started cracking down on her. And that was the time when I really started to like her. People attacked her relentlessly and I was trying to defend her the whole time. Since then, I think she’s really shut them up. Her solo on the Bon Kyu tour was amazing, even if she was winded, it’s better than any newbie has done at their second concert since Gen5. I was kind of upset at first when the Pandas joined because I thought her being the only Gen8 really made a statement, but whatever. She still makes a statement. I love Mittsi, she does amazing for her age, and I’ll always support her.

I really loved Linlin when she first joined. Like, really really loved her. Not sure why. It didn’t take too long for her to start really bugging me. As everyone has said, she was trying way to hard at this idol thing. It came across really, really fake (like Koharu~). She was a good singer, but she was trying to be cute and ruined that. I noticed on Haru Single Daizenshuu that she’s stopped that. She’s finally getting comfortable as an idol and showing her true self. She really is one of the best singers in MoMusu right now, and she’s ever so slowly showing that. She’s really improved, and I really hope she keeps on the right track.

Junjun’s really grown on me. At first I was extremely skeptical of her because more than every other new Morning Musume member, she’s been the most awkward. She took so long to get used to being an idol. Everything about her—her singing, her dancing, her photoshoots, her personality—everything was awkward. But I think since this year she’s really improved. She’s not the best singer or dancer, but like a true idol, she can make it seem like she is. She’s adorable. I still don’t really believe that she’s almost Takahashi’s age. I hope with these new Taiwan Eggs, they’ll start a new unit with Junjun as the lead. That would win.

So yeah, if I see a performance where Linlin does really awesome, I might like her more, but I’ve had these opinions for the majority of 2008, so I doubt they’ll be changing soon. Either way, I’ll never stop loving Morning Musume (unless Reina becomes leader). Next will either be Hey! Say! JUMP or KAT-TUN. 😀 Until then~~




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25 08 2008

I wasn’t going to comment until I saw your thoughts on Tanaka. And I must say, I agree completely with everything you said.

That’s all.

29 08 2008

I hate to break it to you, but as the youngest member of Gen 6, Eri won’t be subleader for quite a while 😦 This saddens me too because I love Eri and CAN’T STAND REINA ARGH.

29 08 2008

I actually love Koharu for all of the reasons you said, but to each their own. To me, her voice is so bad it’s good, and I love that she’s kinda crazy/scary! She’s so over-the-top and she tries way too hard, but to me that’s funny. I could she why she annoys so many people, though.

And I agree with you on Reina! She can sing (I thought she was good when she first joined), but she chooses to use this fake cutesy voice instead. She tries to be cute, but people really liked her for her ‘cool’ image when she first joined. The cutesy-ness feels forced.

29 08 2008

I have my favorite members but I don’t dislike any of them. I never have, from 1st gen on. I think the biggest problem with Morning Musume now is the lack of strong personalities. In the past we had the strength of Nakazawa, Yoshizawa & Fujimoto. We had the heart and soul of Yaguchi and Two Top running around annoying the hell out of the other members. I like all the girls in the group now but they deffinitely lack the spark of previous line ups. Of course we also had Hello Morning which was a lot better written than Haromoni@ (R.I.P) and we got to know all the girls strengths more than their weaknessess.
Also, I like Reina’s voice. I think it fits Tsunku’s style perfectly and please remember, all of her “attention craving” is choreographed by someone else as are all the girls actions on camera. They don’t have a say in how they dance, how they dress or how they do almost anything. It’s all done by the great Idol machine at Up Front.

29 08 2008

my fav member is ai and risa. i’m fine with koharu as long she doesn’t sing! i have to admit her appearance now is so much different than her audition time and she’s very pretty now but still as you say… that is all she has which i agree.

hopefully MM has more members with strong personalities in the future.

29 08 2008

I feel exactly the same about Reina. <-:l
Koharu comes in a close second but after that, I really like all the members, with Kamei being #1 and Aika #2. 😉

29 08 2008

I may be the only person who feels this way, but I love Reina. ^.^ Ah well, you can’t win them all, eh?

30 08 2008
Big D

I agree mostly about what u said, except for some. I’m starting to really love Reina. but not as much as I love Eri (not only is she my favorite H!P idol, but also my fav idol/celeb/star in all the world, her and Yossy).

At first I didn’t like Reina or Sayu that much, but over time Sayu’s annoyingly cute remarks got to me and so is Reina’s yankii and beauty. Plus I thought that since I love Eri so much and she seems to be really close with her Rokkies mates, I thought i should get to know more about them. And then I started to like them individually. The same with the Ai and Risa, the Gokkies.
Now, when the pandas first joined with Mitsui, I like LinLin the most, but then JunJun climb up the charts. I think personality-wise JunJun made more of a impact while LinLin, like u said, were trying too hard, but I’m glad she’s getting used to Idol lifestyle and showing her true self.
I’m still indifferent about Mitsui, though. don’t really like her nor do I hate her.
And one thing for sure, koha is really bugging me. I think she’s cute, but she’s all over the place (on crack and a , can’t sing that well, I can’t stand it. She used to be as bad as Sayu, but Sayu really improved now, but I wonder if Koha even made an effort to improve her singing… I used to like when she first joined when she was quiet, shy and cute back then.

oh and to Andrea, the 2nd comment: i don’t understand from ur comments, If your talking about Eri, I believe that she’s the oldest of 6th Gen (excluding Miki) so she’ll most likely be Subleader when Risa is leader, and leader after that with Sayu as sub-leader.

8 09 2008

I do agree with chu on most things, especially Koharu being a camera Whore.. but i think Tanaka is a very good singer, but i know everyone has their oppinion.
I love the pics though.
I ❤ JunJun and LinLin!

26 10 2008

I used to think koharu was really interesting and funny but like you said after a while she started to seem really fake and somehow irritating
my favourite of all time was yossie and when she had gone after days of moaning and such kamei eri jumped out of nowhere and now i find her the best hello project idol ever
I really like her now and find her really funny… thank god she is finally getting noticed her popularity is really rising! yay yay
turtles rule yay

30 10 2008

Well first of all, I don’t dislike any of the members. And second of all, sadly to say, Reina ranks at the bottome of my MM-list. It’s just that I think she gets too much credit for her singing vioce. Yea, it’s good, but it’s like every other Japanese girl voice- squeecky and kinda cracky. I think Risa has the strongest and most rangeful voice in the current MM. Ai has a really nice voice but during performances you can hear Ai and Reina both crack their voices (I mean sometimes I think they computerize Reina’s part in Pepper Kebui because her performance voice does not match her voice in that song at all and that’s not the only time I’ve noticed). And I don’t know why everyone keeps on saying she has a yanky style. What she wears is not yanky- I guess it could be a japanese-yanky style. Well, it’s only my opinion and everyone has their own.

18 08 2009

ya i think the same, her voice is like computerized, ex:
Pepper Keibu and also Resonant Blue
she doesnt sound at all the same on many of her lines
Reina really has turned from the yanky girl to some bubble gum pop princess when she’s not even good

3 04 2009

i’m new to mm but yeah I HATE REINA!!!!!!she sucks to the very extent of her existence

13 06 2009

I HATE how much attention Tanaka is getting in songs!!!!!! It BUGS me!!!! GAKI-SAN NEEDS MORE PARTS!!! Watching Resonant Blue REALLY bugged me! Gaki-san got the tiniest parts and most all of the other members only got to sing the chorus and basically dance. You didn’t even get to see them that much! My favorite of course is Gaki-san. EVERYTHING about her is superb. From her singing to her amazing looks. Her dancing is amazing also! I would have to say Sayu is at the BOTTOM of my list. She CAN’T sing!!!!! The ONLY thing she CAN do is cute. I don’t think she’s even very good at that either. UGH I HATE IT!!!!

18 08 2009

I totally agree with u and everything u said about Reina is like die hard facts really, i liked her when she first joined somewhat but now she is a camera hog and a line hog in any of the new songs.
I love Takakitty and Gaki-san and Kamei-chan there my fav members, oh oops i forgot Junjun ❤
I like Koharu but not that much, didnt really like mitsui aika till there last two singles came out and i'm the same if reina becomes leader i probably wont ever listen to them again!

13 12 2010

Evertime i hear Koharu’s name I remember that her son died a few years back… 😦 how sad she must’ve been to lose her baby!

3 03 2011


Your Just trying to make fat crap of Reina but everybody knows she isn’t!!
Can you proove that she is like that?? Because in my eyes this is just a “made up my mind story” 😛

3 03 2011

OMG why is everybody hating Reina so much!!
She is just doing her best in Morning Musume so what, but do you have any proof that it’s true what you said of her??? i think you just mayb it up ;O

if you can proove me that reina is really like that, then i stop to ensure with that everybody hate this Fucking Blog filed with Crap about Reina!! ;O

12 08 2012
Quin Fan

Come on guys…. all of them were chosen over 25000 other girls. Doesn’t that give them a reason for being in the group. And besides, No matter what you have said, we are called fans for a reason; because, we can not be like them.

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