Here we go again…

26 08 2008

2008 must be the Year of Scandals or something. I mean, seriously. This time, popular Hey! Say! JUMP member and Gokusen 3 star Takaki Yuya has been caught smoking and drinking underage. Wow, does this ever sound familiar.

Takaki’s one of the two most popular members of the group along with Yamada Ryosuke. He recently starred in the highly praised Gokusen 3, which really boosted his popularity. Personally, he’s my favorite member. So this reminds me of three other scandals that come to mind.

First is Miyabi’s. She’s my favorite member of Berryz Koubou. Now, she didn’t get in trouble at all, and her’s was even with another H!S!J member Inoo Kei, so that’s a bit of hope (then it turned out to not even be her, so…).  But then the other two come to mind. Of course, Kago Ai’s 2006 (2005?) smoking scandal which ruined her career as an idol. It’s only three years later that she’s even making a small bit of a comeback. And then the infamous 2006 NEWS scandal, which is really quite similar to this and really worries me. Uchi and Kusano got caught drinking underage. Result? They got kicked out of NEWS and demoted to the lowest level you can possibly get in JE. They were humiliated.

Now, as Takaki’s so popular, it makes me think of the Ohno scandal a few months back, and think maybe he won’t get it so hard. But then again, Ohno’s definitely not underaged.

Either way, these are just rumors for now (and very doubtable because there are no pictures), and I’m anxious (not in a good way) to see what happens to Takaki.

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2 responses

8 09 2008

Where do you get all these stories from??? they’re just rumors!

8 09 2008

Rumors are the births of scandals. And we get them from tabloid magazines.

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