2008 Asia Song Festival

29 08 2008

I’ve never heard about this festival, but it’s a hot topic on an Asian gossip site that I frequent, asianbite.com, so I thought I’d check it out.  Mainly because I saw SNSD in the image and ew.  SNSD.  Why them?  But then upon further inspection of said image, what do I see?

Berryz Koubou?!

What on Earth have they done to deserve representing Japan at this festival?  I mean, I love Berryz and all, sans Risako, but I could name an endless ammount of other artists who deserve being there much more.

I doubt an explanation for this will be released, but I just… it baffles me.  Berryz singing with artists that never fail to be anything less than amazing such as DBSK, SHINee, w-inds, and dare I say it, SNSD (but you have to give them credit, they blow H!P out of the water, especially Berryz).

Here’s the full artist list:

Korea: TVXQ, Shinee, Girls’ Generation
Japan: w-inds, Berryz Kobo
China: Anson Hu
Taiwan: Fahrenheit
Hong Kong: Karen Mok
Thailand: Ice
Vietnam: Ho Quynh Huong
Philippines: Rivermaya
Indonesia: Agnes Monica

Not quite sure what to expect here.  But honestly, if they had to do an H!P group, why not Morning Musume??  They’re the internationally recognized ones here.




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30 08 2008
30 08 2008
Big D

U know, I thought the exact same thing.
First off, Morning Musume is H!P supergroup, best selling group. They’re also Japan best-selling female-pop group. They expanding into Asia, with concerts in Taiwan, Korea and China eariler this year.

but I guess H!P wants to take this chance to promote other group as well.
but another thing, isn’t it mention that Berryz Koubou is there as a new artist? THEY’VE BEEN AROUND SINCE 2003! not to be mean to Berryz or anything but wouldn’t it be better for C-ute to be there other than Berryz Kobo? I mean C-ute is also a relatively new artist compared to BK (just debuted last year, so still rookies).

but then I wonder, maybe it’s not H!P’s fault, they probably don’t even get to choose. Probably the planners for Asia Song Festival decided that and UFA just think it’s a good chance for them, even if it’s doesn’t really make any sense, and they took what they have. still, that’s just my thoughts on it.

But whatever the reason, I wish Berryz Koubou good luck and not get the bad treatment, along with other artists, like what happened last year… I heard it was a disappointment and left many bitter memories…

31 08 2008

More than likely, MoMusu was busy?

31 08 2008

Yeah Morning Musume are pretty busy atm so that’s likely why they couldn’t go. I agree with the questioning of Berryz though. They are also getting some New Asian Artist award which further baffles me. New artist … where?

31 08 2008



2 09 2008

How so? They’ve never released or even performed outside of Japan before…

3 09 2008

@Mars – Uhm… yes… they have. Their All Singles Best was released in both Taiwan and Korean, they’ve had fanclub tours in both Taiwan and Korea, and their tour that they just finished had shows in both Taiwan and Korea.

5 09 2008

We’re talking about Berryz, not Morning Musume 😉

11 09 2008

SS501 is also in it!!

13 09 2008

where will this be taken? O__o
cuz i want to go! 😀

13 09 2008

@tina – Seoul I think?

25 09 2008

This makes me cry.
Why, WHY, not any JE groups, but BERRYZ? n_n

1 10 2008

Yah2.. i totally agree. why not any JE groups? Like Kat-tun or the others. I think they’re better and hotter than BERRYZ? So sad

4 10 2008

Go Rivermaya

28 10 2008

Annyeonghaseo ….?
Koq gak ada FT ISLAND sich ….? Kan mereka bagus juga ….? Mengapa perwakilan Indonesia cuman ada 1 orang sech ? Coba 2 orang kan Ok gitu ?
bagi pernggemar FT ISLAND, SUPERNOVA ( CSS ) & DBSK add gw aja di ftislandyoriska@yahoo.com OK ….?
Gamsahamnida …..?

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