MilkyWay – Tan Tan Taan!

28 09 2008

I don’t need to say how much Koharu ruins this song.  Or how much Kikkawa Yuu and Kitahara Sayaka pwn her and are so adorable.  There’s only one question that needs to be asked:

Why the hell did Kikkawa Yuu not get into Morning Musume?!  Those are some of the best non-soloist H!P vocals that I’ve seen in a while.

And More Importantly…

25 09 2008

I just realized that the one year anniversary for this blog, Shanimuni Paradise (originally VERY BEAUTY), passed exactly a month ago!  My first post was August 24th, 2007!  One year of people bitching at me for not agreeing with the norm; one year of changing my views on everything twenty times; one year of discovering really hot JE boys; one year where my life has been significantly busier than ever before; and one year of massively expanding my Asian pop culture horizons~  And almost 50,000 views strong!  So yay me!


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One Year!

25 09 2008

Happy first anniversary to the hottest pedobait in Japan: Hey! Say! JUMP!!  Congrats!

Damn That’s Hot.

20 09 2008

I swear that has to be the hottest PV I have seen in a long time.

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Otsuka Ai – Kurage, Nagareboshi

20 09 2008

…Otsuka Ai looks gorgeous with short hair.

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13 09 2008

I have this obsession with Pink Lady.  Everything they did just like poured amazingness.  So when W covered Pink Lady, it sounded amazing and I squeed.  Now that Morning Musume’s covered them… I’m pretty much a puddle of fangirl goo on the floor.   I wasn’t really expecting this to be good because Pink Lady requires a lot of vocal talent, which many of the girls don’t have.  Or so I thought.

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Nakayama Yuma Had to Get Surgery…

10 09 2008

Naturally, one of the four Johnny’s Jr’s that I actually care about (Hasshi, Yuma, Shoon, and that lead singer/guitarist from Question?) gets injured.  Naturally.

(He looks like a fish in that picture… =D)

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