Nakayama Yuma Had to Get Surgery…

10 09 2008

Naturally, one of the four Johnny’s Jr’s that I actually care about (Hasshi, Yuma, Shoon, and that lead singer/guitarist from Question?) gets injured.  Naturally.

(He looks like a fish in that picture… =D)

Nakayama Yuma of Hey! Say! 7 West (a Jr Kansai group, currently on tour) was diagnosed with both appendicitis and panperitonitis, neither of which I really know about except that Morning Musume’s Mitsui Aika had appendicitis and she had to wear that horrible tummy bandage.  Except I don’t recall her being in a wheelchair ever, and unfortunately, Yuma has been wheelchaired.

It’s unknown when he’s going to return to activities, but Tokyograph makes it seem like it’ll be pretty soon, and based on how quickly Aika jumped back, I don’t think it’ll be too terribly long of a bedrest.

Until then, I really hope he gets better and I really hope that tour gets released on DVD (both of the Jr tours right now, actually) or I might cry.  Because I love Yuma.  And the other one has Hasshi.  And the other one has Takaki Yuya.  Major winz.

…But where’s Shoon?  While you and I ponder this, let’s enjoy Hashimoto Ryosuke, the hottest Jr there has ever been.  Don’t argue.  You’ll lose.  I have evidence.  Look below.

I does not own images.  I got the pappa from here and the rest from google.  😀

Oh, and yes, this is the same Jr that was (is?) dating C-ute’s Arihara Kanna.



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11 09 2008

hey, dont worry about the confusion tsukiki, you wont get any flak for my IW link. it’s just that I dont know my HS guys :P. I just usually read you blog, so will link posts here even if I dont know to much about the topic. like this one lol.

13 09 2008

nakayuma yuma looks like thai to me…

two horrible diagnosis at one time? gosh .. it’s going to be an agony for him for sure.

4 02 2009
Random Randomness #2 « GollyDays: Senpais to Kouhais… let’s go back to being Bambinos

[…] for an image lead me to this.. Appendicitis? Panpero.. what? But I hope he’s ok now. I think I saw him in new JE […]

1 08 2009


11 10 2009

that lead singer/ guitarist of Question? is yonemura daijiro.

Yonemura recently caught the swine flu and quit JE, therefore leaving Question?

30 05 2014
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