13 09 2008

I have this obsession with Pink Lady.  Everything they did just like poured amazingness.  So when W covered Pink Lady, it sounded amazing and I squeed.  Now that Morning Musume’s covered them… I’m pretty much a puddle of fangirl goo on the floor.   I wasn’t really expecting this to be good because Pink Lady requires a lot of vocal talent, which many of the girls don’t have.  Or so I thought.

I love that they’re paired up into duos, sans Reina, which I didn’t mind until she got the only two solos which pissed me off.  But I like this enough to overlook that.  I really like that they didn’t Morning Musume it very much except for the intrumental break, which looked and fit really well I thought, and Sayumi’s “Pepper Keibu yo!” which… was so out of place… I’m not sure why the hell it’s in there.  I think it’s because Sayumi’s the only senior member that doesn’t have a lead singing part, so they felt bad for her and decided to give her that… thing.

That’s another reason why I like this one, because it really establishes the fact that Risa and Eri are leads now.

There are some awesome vocals here by everyone (except KohaSayu, who didn’t get enough lines to ruin it unlike Resonant Blue).  Especially Gen8.  They really belt it out.  I was pleasantly surprised.

I like the video itself as well.  Yeah, it’s an overly simple typical Hello! Project PV, but that’s pretty much how PVs in the 70s were, so for once, it worked.  It also looked a lot like the Onna ni and Egao YES Nude sets.  I think they just reused it.  But that’s okay, it looks decent here at least.

And, if you know me at all, you can probably guess what the highlight of this video was for me.  Yup.  Junjun.  I never knew she could sing so well, but those harmonies she did with Gaki were just amazing.  She really sucked at first, but man, has she ever improved.  She also dances really well here, but we all knew that from Resonant Blue.  I think Junjun’s pretty much a full-fledged idol now.  As well as Linlin, who even though I knew could sing really well (she’s just never had the chance to show it on a single before), still surprised me. (Oh, and Junjun got more lines than Linlin.  Which is new.)

And speaking of Linlin, her and Takahashi’s hair really fit the video.  If that makes any sense.

I was going to spend more time fangirling Junjun, but I’ll spare you.  I really like this PV and song, chances are I’ll like the b-side too, and I’m really looking forward to “COVER YOU”.  I think Pepper Keibu is going to sell really well because it not only is a nice eyecandy show for wota, but the older generation can enjoy it as well because it’s a Pink Lady song and old people listen to Pink Lady (not saying young people don’t, but lots of old people do too).

Maybe this’ll finally bring Morning Musume back as the dominating girl group in Japan.  But maybe not.  They’ve got some really tough competition.

Oh, and just ftw, this is my favorite MoMusu song since Yossie left.



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14 09 2008
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16 09 2008

Maybe you forgot to mention, but Aika is seriously, really, really hot in here. I’m so proud.

31 10 2008

i think the hot one in this PV is Aichan
lokk at her dance
wow~ its amazing

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