And More Importantly…

25 09 2008

I just realized that the one year anniversary for this blog, Shanimuni Paradise (originally VERY BEAUTY), passed exactly a month ago!  My first post was August 24th, 2007!  One year of people bitching at me for not agreeing with the norm; one year of changing my views on everything twenty times; one year of discovering really hot JE boys; one year where my life has been significantly busier than ever before; and one year of massively expanding my Asian pop culture horizons~  And almost 50,000 views strong!  So yay me!


PS – And more insignificantly, I think it’s rather amazing that Hey! Say! JUMP debuted exactly a month after I did (well, in a sense).  I didn’t actually listen to them until a few months later, but details, details.



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25 09 2008
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[…] And More Importantly… One Year! Damn That’s Hot. Otsuka Ai – Kurage, Nagareboshi […]

26 09 2008

Hehe, Congrats Kiki~~ <333

*Needs to find time to get online* D;

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