MilkyWay – Tan Tan Taan!

28 09 2008

I don’t need to say how much Koharu ruins this song.  Or how much Kikkawa Yuu and Kitahara Sayaka pwn her and are so adorable.  There’s only one question that needs to be asked:

Why the hell did Kikkawa Yuu not get into Morning Musume?!  Those are some of the best non-soloist H!P vocals that I’ve seen in a while.



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29 09 2008

I thought the same about Yuu and Sayaka, but after listening their solo version of MilkyWay’s songs in KR Song selection IV I was very disapointed.
But Koharu is great in this PV, as always.

29 09 2008
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30 09 2008

Am I right that Mitssi got into Morning Musume from the same audition where Kikkawa was trying to get in too?

30 09 2008

@keiisgoingherway- Yes. They were both finalists, but only Mittsi won.

30 09 2008

I agree with that.
Seriously. How did Koharu make it when Kikkawa didn’t?! Koharu = epic fail.

8 10 2008

ur face ruins this song

koharu = awesome

9 10 2008

@dcpoor – Wow. You must be the most intellegent person who’s ever commented on my blog. Thank you for enlightening me so.

31 10 2008

i love this song too~
koha always make miracle nee~
she always great ^^

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