Code Blue

3 10 2008

If any of you happen to remember, I was really excited about Code Blue this summer because it has two of my favorite drama actors, Yamashita Tomohisa and Toda Erika, starring in it.  It took me a lot longer than I expected to watch this (I’ve been really busy with school and only watched about one episode every week or less), but I feel like spreading it out just added to the suspense that you’re supposed to experience when watching this.

It’s one of the better dramas that I watched, not the best, but what really caught me about this drama is (on top of it being something that I would have never watched if it weren’t for Yamapi and Erika) that it’s some of the best acting that I’ve ever seen (once again, not the best, but it’s in the top three for me).  At times the acting just blew me away.  It’s definitely not your average drama acting.

(Beware: spoilers ahead)

Yamashita Tomohisa’s character was really predictable for most of the drama.  He’s the best intern, he’s stuck up and self-centered, he won’t open up to any of the other interns, he’s cold-hearted, etcetera, etcetera.  I did get pretty surprised during the last few episodes, especially in regards to his grandmother and a certain fellow intern (*cough*Shiraishi*cough*).  I definitely dig the perm (sorry, couldn’t find a solo pic of him with his permed hair) and his couple of shirtless scenes (which always seem to be in Yamapi dramas).

And what I really liked is that the main story wasn’t about him and him alone, unlike most Yamapi dramas.  I was concerned about this for the first few episodes and definitely relieved when everyone else started getting lots of attention.  Even the minor characters got a lot of attention.

I definitely had never heard of Aragaki Yui before this drama and was a little (well, more than a little) surprised to find that some nobody (or maybe not?  I wouldn’t know) got such a large role, especially aside NEWS’s Yamashita Tomohisa, and especially that she got a larger role than one of the most well-known female actresses (of our generation), Toda Erika.  She really bored me at first and it wasn’t until like episode 6 or 7 that I actually started caring about her.  But man, when the story started to focus on her, she really played her character well.  I’d say of the main cast, she seemed the most fake to me, but not always, because sometimes she was really convincing, it was just that at other times she wasn’t.  It wasn’t uniform.

Nonetheless, I really enjoy this actress and hope to see her in something else sometime soon.

I was so shocked, and still pretty am, that Toda Erika got such a small role.  I mean, there were smaller roles, but she’s the famous actress here (not counting Yamapi, who’s an actor), yet she was only the main focus for like… one, maybe two? episodes.  And then like ten minutes in the last episode.  I was really hoping for her to be more important to the story, but I understand why it was Yui and not Erika that got the role of Shiraishi.  Erika doesn’t have that innocent demeanor that Yui does.  She pretty much seems serious or pissed all the time, which is what her character was, Hiyama, so it fit.  I guess.

There isn’t too much for me to judge on, but I will say that she did well playing a small role.  Bravo?

(I swear that’s the only picture I could find of him)

I thought Asari Yosuke was adorable.  His character gets the least attention of, seriously, any of the other cast members, so there’s not much to judge, but he was cute and funny and angsty when he needed to be.

Oh, and that’s another thing that I’m not used to: angst.  This drama was pretty much pure angst.  (I’m used to fluffy comedies)

But yeah.  Yosuke’s character was the comic relief, even though there was so little of it, it was there.  Sometimes.

Higa Minami’s probably the biggest nobody in the cast.  However, I really liked her character, she was like the female counterpart for Aizawa (Yamapi), only she was like the grinch because she grew a heart in the end.   Kind of.  I don’t think she’s really actractive, unlike most of the cast, but she’s a really good actress and I hope she makes it big someday.  Despite her looks.

The rest of the characters were old people.  Not that that’s bad, just that I wasn’t quite as interested.  I was very impressed with Yanagiba Toshiro and Ryo, however.  Especially Ryo.

This woman has to be the most talented actress in this drama.  I was completely blown away by her time after time.  What she feels, you feel.  And that’s the epitomy of an actor(ess).  I can only compair her to a few other Japanese actors and actresses.  Not many actors or actresses could pull of the performance she delivered.  Not many at all.

Yeah, so the drama was mainly about the acting for me.  I’m really not so much into guts and blood and watching all that nasty stuff (btw, do they use cadavers or what?  Because who would let actors cut them up for a drama?  Or is it something fake?  Because it sure looked real.  Ew.)  I’d give it a 9.5/10.  For sure.

And does anyone know where to find Hana Yori Dango: Final (the movie) subbed?!?!?!  I’m DYING to watch it.



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