Hey! Say! JUMP – Mayonaka no Shadow Boy

10 10 2008

Hey! Say! JUMP’s new single, the theme for Yamajimachioka’s new drama Scrap Teacher, is coming out soon.  It’s title is Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, and I have to say this is my favorite single of their so far.  It’s their first single to not be a “YAY HAPPINESS DO YOU’RE BEST YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO TEEHEE” single.  Not that I mind those, because I love their past singles, but this is so much more… how should I put it… I love it when they make H!S!J sexy.

When I heard the previews, I was really excited because even the music is more mature.  It’s got a sort of Latin feel, which always seems to work with Johnny’s (NEWS anyone?), so it sounded promising.  Then the PV preview came out and I was like “OMG HOTEL ROOMS AND SEXY BOYS BEING ANGSTY”.  Pretty much even worse when the full PV came out.

Oh, and pimp hats.  Two, I do believe?  Inoo (or is it Hikaru?) and Ryosuke have them~~  SEXY.  (And I’ve never put “sexy” and “Inoo” together before)

I love how H!S!J arrangements (line split-up) centers around Ryosuke and whatever the single is for.  Like Your Seed was to promote Takaki’s drama Gokusen 3, so it starred Ryosuke and Takaki.  And this one is for Yamajimachioka’s new drama, so it stars them (but mainly Ryosuke).

The dance looks kinda weird and kinda awesome at the same time…. not sure what to think of that.  But in my defence, you hardly see any of the dance, so I don’t have much to form an opinion on.

As far as the boys themselves, I love BEST’s voices more than anything.  I liked 7’s too, just BEST’s more.  As I said, Inoo, Yamada, [and Takaki] were extremely hot in this.  Hikaru, Yabu, and Yuto were kinda hot, but definitely not nearly as hot as the first three.  Chinen’s hair finally looks decent.  It’s been rather atrocious looking these past few months, so I was quite relieved to see that they FINALLY gave him a new style. And I missed Ryutaro.  I wanted to see him.

Yamada’s closeups (“shadow” and the smirk at the end) look like he’s trying to fuck you with his eyes.  Or maybe that’s just me and my fangirl imagination trying to see that.  Yuto’s are pretty damn sexy too, as well as Takaki glaring at his reflection, but once again, it’s hard to beat.

Oh, and did I mention that Yamada’s smirk is just about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen from a 15 year old.

I’ve really excited to see this live, seeing as Your Seed‘s lives were actually live and so amazing.  I hope they perform this live too!

And a closing thought: who were the hooded guys?  I’d like to think that they were Akanishi Jin, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Ohno Satoshi coming to rape their kouhais and that’s why they were running away or something creative like that… but I highly doubt that.  =D



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11 10 2008

Lmao i agree fully lol btw the 7th paragraph made me laugh so hard xD its true tho his eyes 0_0

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