That was just… Epic.

17 10 2008

So Hey! Say! JUMP’s newest single, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (which I wrote a review on a few days ago) comes out on Wednesday!  I’m probably gonna buy it (because I actually have MONEY now! <3) it’s so good.

Anyway, today they performed their first live of it!  Which, if you read my review, you would know I was very very very much looking forward to seeing this live.  And oh my gosh.  It was epic.  There is no better word to describe it.

I thought the PV was sexy, but live is so much sexier.  They’re all in leather (and the Scrap Teacher cast is in RED leather *drool*) and looking really hot.  Particularily Yamada Ryosuke and Takaki Yuya.  And Yabu Kota and Nakajima Yuto (who I normally do not consider sexy at all because he’s rather childish, but this song brings out the sexiness in everyone except Chinen and Ryutaro who I refuse to ever call anything but cute).

I’m pretty sure they sang live, but some if it seem synced, so I really can’t say either way.  And oh.  They do their own harmonies.  (JAKSJDLASK <3333333333333333333 You all know how much I love harmonies)

I don’t have a video of the performance by itself, but here’s the video of their entire appearance on Music Station today.  If you only want to watch the performance, it starts at around 5:37.



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