What. The Hell.

20 10 2008

I know Tsunku has made some questionable descisions before, but this is… he really needs to be checked into a mental institute.  Graduating the entire Elder Club is the worst decision he as ever made.  Including making Koharu a soloist and Hangry & Angry.

I know some acts have been long done with and have been sitting around idly, but all of them?  That’s so… wow.  Let’s go through the list of who Tsunku’s throwing away.

Nakazawa Yuko – aka the Mom of H!P.  Mom.  Mother.  How would you like it if your mother was taken away from you?  I doubt the H!P girls (or what few of them will remain) will like their mentor and leader taken away from them, especially Morning Musume.  Yuko was doing absolutely fine with her acting career; I don’t see how this will help her at all.

Iida Kaori, Yasuda Kei, Inaba Atsuko, and Maeda Yuki – These are some of the few that I think did need to go.  As much as I have a very strong attatchment to them (especially Kaorin and Inaba), they weren’t doing anything.  At all.  Ever.

Abe Natsumi – Is one of the best singers in Hello! Project.  She’s also a mother figure to so many of the girls and one of the best-selling solo artists in H!P.  I really hope she joins Universal or something because it would be such a waste if she just disappeared.

Yaguchi Mari – This pisses me off.  She just came back from a horrible suspension and now this.  I don’t even… no.  That makes me mad.

Ishikawa Rika – Uhm.  Hello?  Hangry & Angry?  New unit?  Just formed?  As in, less than a week ago?  And they’re already graduating??

Yoshizawa Hitomi – Makes me wanna cry that she’s leaving.  She didn’t even get to start her solo career.  Goshdamnit.

Tsuji Nozomi – I was really looking forward to her coming back after Noa grew up a bit, but maybe now she can focus on being a mom.  Or being an actress with Aibon.  Or something.

Konno Asami – She also just got back.  She’s been doing amazing, everyone’s been so happy that she was back, and then they strip her away from us.  AGAIN.

Ogawa Makoto – Oh my God.  Once again, don’t even get me started.  This pisses me off more than Marippe or Konno.

Fujimoto Miki – Not sad to see her go, really.  Although, it would be awesome if she joined avex because she could go SO far with her vocal talents, just like Gocchin.

Satoda Mai – She has a very stable career outside of H!P in Pabo and Aladdin, so I’m not so worried about Mai as I am everyone else.

Melon Kinenbi – They’ve been a joke since the Onegai Remix, so I’m not too sad to see them go either.  I doubt we’ll ever see any of them again, except maybe Shibata Ayumi.

Matsuura Aya – This one in particular is one of Tsunku’s biggest mistake.  She’s Hello! Project’s all-time best-selling soloist, she’s known across Japan as a famous singer, and the only other H!P artist that can claim that is Morning Musume themselves.  She’s done more work than any other H!P artist.  All I can say is that I hope she uses her connections in Johnny’s, who she works with often and who crontrol the Japanese entertainment industry, to move her career past this.

Miyoshi Erika – AGH.  I love Erika.  I was excited when Biyuuden graduated that she might get a solo career.  But no.  I hope she joins avex, too.  She really could.  She is such an amazing vocalist.

Okada Yui – I love Yui too!  While I wasn’t too sure what was going to happen to her, I knew she would always have a place in H!P.  But outside of it?  No one will have her.  She can’t act.  She can’t sing.  Goshdamnit Tsunku.

Ongaku Gatas (Korenaga Miki, Noto Arisa, Sengoku Minami, Sawada Yuri) – Okay, I don’t really care about any of these girls except Noto Arisa.  I am such a huge fan of this girl.  And she has so much going for her!  Besides the 50 different groups she’s been in, she’s the leader of the H!P Eggs.  LEADER.  When she leaves, Aoki Erina will be leader.  Ever heard of her?  Me neither.  If Tsunku thinks some goddamn NOBODY can lead 30-something girls who need a strong leader more than anything coming into the idol world with no experience, he is terribly, TERRIBLY mistaken.

I was having a really good day today.  And this completely ruined it.  Completely.  I am so pissed I can’t even express it in words.  The best way to describe my anger is this:


This is by far the worst decision Tsunku has ever made.

I seriously think he needs to have his head checked out.

I’m contemplating leaving the H!P fandom because of this.  I mean, half of my favorite artists are leaving anyway.



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20 10 2008

i agree.. WORST DECISION EVAH. D< I was thinking that too.. 😐 God I hate Tsunku so much more now~D<

20 10 2008

all of the graduating members are staying with UFA, just not H!P.

They’ve still got an agent and will probably continue their careers, they just won’t be idols.

20 10 2008
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20 10 2008

Yes, Tsunku needs professional help (although I must admit I have long preferred the junior groups and Morning Musume over any of the Elders).

20 10 2008

Somehow I don’t think that Egg part of Ongaku Gatas will graduate. Gatas are graduating because major part of it consisted of OG girls. And so all the rest of Gatas will pass on to other projects. I don’t understand though why they have to disband Gatas in the first place – why not pass it on to new generation…

20 10 2008




U. F. A.

Repeat this fifty times until it sinks through your skulls. You might as well hate Yuko for making this decision since she had a big comment about it, too.

20 10 2008

Much as I disagree with the decision, I was going to point out, too, that it wasn’t necessarily Tsunku who made the decision, but someone beat me to it. Seriously, though. We’re never gonna hear from Yagu again and that makes me SOOOOOOO sad.

21 10 2008

I, on the other hand think that Yaguchi has probably the best chances for being heard of after this, with all her TV appearances and all…

I still really hate UFA for this, I’m never going to get over Miki, Aya and Melon…

21 10 2008
rit neo

You can get Tsunku’s email at the official website. If you know Japanese simply type up a message…. I did mine in English…. and he sure knows his insults.

26 10 2008

Yagu does have good chances of getting work, yes, but I find it very unlikely that she’ll be singing again, since she didn’t sing on a single thing since she left MM, just lots of acting. She’ll probably do more acting and other TV stuff, but still…D:

18 08 2013
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