28 10 2008

New Berryz PV came out.  It’s weird.  Like Monkey Dance.  But slightly less so.  The outfits look like Berryz Kamen.  The song has a very pleasant small amount of Risako.  Momo is too old for pigtails.  Chinami is way too skinny for her own good.  Don’t really like the song.  But damn, those girls are gorgeous.

But I really only find one thing worthy of forming an intellegent compound-complex sentence: for ONCE they spent the amount of money that a PV needs and made it as a PV should be.  God, how long as it been since we’ve seen EXTRAS in an H!P PV?  I’m not sure I can even name one.  While I think this was an odd song to choose to start this, I really really hope they keep it up.  The PV looks phenomonal.    Here, take a look!

On the other hand, I adore Buono!’s new PV, Rottara Rottara.  I think it’s one of my favorite Buono songs ever.



One response

6 11 2008

lol thanks for PV, but if you need to download the single (the single was out now) you can found it at my blog 🙂

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