The Next Johnny’s Group

11 11 2008

This one… this one confuses me.  I was hoping that the next group to debut from Johnny’s would be one with all Juniors, not three already-debuted ones, one guy who’s not even in Johnny’s, and then ONE Junior that no one has ever heard of except for from this group.

TU→YU, the name of said group, has been doing commercials for Maruchan ramen (yes, that’s the stuff they sell here in America) for a while now.  The story behind these commercials is that the actor, Takeda Tetsuya (center of the group), has an idol group and he struggles to keep up with his fellow bandmates.  And obviously that they endorse ramen.

I was hoping that the next new group from Johnny’s would consist of, more or less, Hashimoto Ryosuke, Yamashita Shoon, and that really hot guy from Kiss-My-Ft2… Kitayama Hiromitsu I do believe?  But not the rest of KisuMai and ABC-Z (and whatever the hell group Shoon’s in), because I don’t like any of them.  =D

They are the most popular juniors right now, and so were Hey! Say! JUMP when they debuted.  It works well, doesn’t it?  Seeing their success?

But now this group?  While I’m not really complaining because it has two of my favorites–NEWS’s Masuda Takahisa and Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yaotome Hikaru–I just wish… that some other Johnny’s had gotten the chance to debut.

And for those of you who have never seen them, here’s what I think is their best CM:

And this one actually shows a little snippet of a PV:



6 responses

12 11 2008

is it ok if i post a link to this page? i wanna inform other ppl of this news too~~
i won’t be posting the content, just the link~ ^__~

13 11 2008

@Anna- Of course! Just make sure to credit. ^^

14 11 2008

what is johnny’s entertainment thinking?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?
i don’t get why they have people debut TWICE!!!!!!!!!
that happened to uchi, nishikido ryo from NEWS. now it’s happening to massu and yaotome hikaru?!?!?!
i don’t like it when people debut twice! they get dragged away from their original bands, and then they don’t get to grow closer to that band!!!
i agree when you said that johnny’s jrs should debut! i want shoon to have a band too X( ~ it just doesn’t seem fair to them, that they’re thinking of already debuted artists!!
(sorry if this sounds mean or something, hikaru and massu already have a band. i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove NEWS and i’m starting to like HSJ, so i don’t wanna see them leave their original groups to be with a new one~
plus, the other three guys seem old… and not that good looking X( this makes me REALLY REALLY REALLY SAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!)

17 11 2008

i think it’s only temporary group *maybe*
Massu n’ Hikaru are there to increase the sales *of course*

21 11 2008

.. it doesn’t seem like a real group that’s going to debut, though? has there been an announcement? 😮 cause the song was really not… johnny style, in my opinion. o_o


22 11 2008

@airin – Yes, it has been announced. That’s why I posted this.

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