Best Live. Evar.

20 11 2008

I love Korean Award Show performances.  Everyone performs with everyone else and it consitently kicks ass.  This particular one had me screaming and I have to admit it must be the best live I’ve ever seen from Korea. It’s Lee Hyori feat. BIG BANG.  I was getting excited just seeing that.

I think I just like it so much because a) Lee Hyori kissed G-Dragon’s head and b) JSKADJLKAS.  TOP KISSES LEE HYORI ON THE LIPS.  IN THE MOST ADORABLE WAY EVER.  You have to watch it!!!

Hyori gets winded quite a bit during the BIG BANG songs, and so does BB themselves, I just chose not to notice.  I wasn’t quite sure what they were going to do with her, but it turned out really awesome!  Well, actually, I’m just a harmony whore.  But whatever.

And on another note, I refuse to review FOREVER LOVE (C-ute’s new PV) because while it’s awesome, I’m pissed at it, and you won’t catch me dead ever writing about Hangry & Angry ever again.  And I’m just too lazy to review Screen (Abe Natsumi’s new PV), as awesome as it is, and Manoeri’s friggin adorable live performance of Lucky Aura on NHK.



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