Hello, Dariin~ (or Cramming it All into One Post)

1 12 2008

It’s a proven fact: everything happens as soon as I leave.  I went to New Mexico for Thanksgiving and I missed FOREVER LOVE, Cover You, White X’mas, Iida Kaori’s baby dying, and two of my favorite H!P girls opening blogs.  So, as usual, I’m going to cram all that I missed into one post.

I’m never leaving again.  Ever!

First is KAT-TUN’s new single, White X’Mas.  This is their first single to not have a rap!

I didn’t like this song when the previews first came out.  KAT-TUN ballads don’t usually fly with me (ew, like Yorokobi no Uta and Mother/Father from Queen of Pirates), but after seeing the PV… how can one not love it??

I swear, Johnny spends the most money on KAT-TUN PVs than any other group.  They always have the highest quality.  And their PVs usually have a story (at least they have lately).  This one is no acception!  I find nothing to dislike.  Santa was animated really well and I thought the story was touching.  (Kame left a present for Santa!!)

For once, I like Junno’s hair.  In fact, he didn’t even sound like crap as he usually does.  He sounded really good.  So did Koki, who I was dreading to hear him singing a ballad, but it was good!  I’d actually have to say, and please no one shoot me, it goes against every fiber in my being, that Jin was did the poorest job here.  Not his acting, that fit well, but his singing.  It was scratchy and sounded like he didn’t really care unlike everyone else.

Ueda was absolutely adorable in his hat!  And Koki kinda looked like an old man.  Nakamaru was cute, but he always is.  And Kame!  I loved Kame the most in this (but i usually do).  I wish Ueda had gotten more screentime, though.

The song is really touching and yay for a good KAT-TUN ballad!


I don’t have much to say about °C-ute ‘s new PV, FOREVER LOVE.

I really hate the whole “Maimi and Airi Show (with some other girls)” idea.  I hated it in the past and I still hate it now.  NakaSaki looks horrible with her hair like it was in the black suits.  I like the theme of the PV.

But I can’t get past the MAiri thing enough to like it.  ‘Nuff said.


I said when Pepper Keibu came out that I was thrilled that Morning Musume was doing Pink Lady, as I’m a huge fan.  And wow.  Cover You just like… wow.  I’m in love!!  Although, I have to admit, W did Pink Lady much better.

My favorites have to be Nagisa no Sinbad, Koi no Dial 6700 (“HELLO, DARIIN~~”), and UFO.  I hate Pinponpan Taisou; Koharu murdered it.  Gaki-san sounds really weird on this release, but I still love her.  And holy cow the Pandas got so many lines I squeed.  Unfortunately, Sayumi also got a lot of solos.  But at least she didn’t totally murder them.  Unlike Koharu. And 6th Gen got a song <333  (I realised a lot of these were split into generations–5th, 6th, 7th/8th, and 8th)

I really wanna see these live.  @____@

Now this.  This is incredibly depressing and unfortunate.  Iida Kaori’s 6-month-old baby boy passed away.  Life can be so cruel.  I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering she and her husband are going through.  Although she’s looking positively at the situation and doing what she thinks her son would want, which is amazingly mature (not that she’s immature) and most people would not be able to do that.  On top of that, she’s appearing at the H!P Winter Concert and her husband hasn’t stopped working at all.

A ton of H!P girls are sending their condolences over their blogs, and even Sugiura Taiyou, Nono’s husband.

I send her my deepest condolences.

And speaking of blogs, Yaguchi Mari and Mano Erina, two of my favorite H!P girls, have opened blogs!  I’ve loved keeping up with them!  They’re so cute!  And dang, I had no idea they were so busy!



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