°C-ute Wins Golden Award

5 12 2008


Hello! Project group °C-ute has won the Gold Award this year from the 50th Japan Records Awards!  This is considered the most prestigious of all the music awards in Japan and any artist to recieve such award is considered the best of the best.  °C-ute received one of 12 of these awards this year among Japan’s greatest artists: Koda Kumi, w-inds, Tohoshinki, and more.

This is now the 3rd (?) award °C-ute has won since their debut just last year.  Not many Hello! Project acts can say the same (in fact, only Morning Musume comes to mind?  Maybe Matsuura Aya?).  They have definitely made a big impact in a short amount of time.  I really anticipate what these girls will do now to live up to their name.





One response

6 12 2008

This confirms my long-held belief that C-ute is the best group of its kind in the world. That Tsunku has changed to more conservative dress for the septet is evidence he seeks more mainstream acceptance, and their latest singles are very much on the quieter side. Kudos to C-ute, the best pop dance ensemble in the world today!

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