Looking Back on ’08

23 12 2008

Two days from now it’ll be exactly a year since I did my Hello! Project 2008 predictions.  It seems like so long ago!  Now that this year’s almost over, it’s time to reflect and see what came true!

Last Year’s Predictions:

– C-ute breaks the record for youngest Saitma Super Arena Artist
Well, not for a solo concert… they still need to make it there!

– Berryz will continue disappointing us all
I do have to say that I rather liked their singles this year.  I didn’t at first.  In fact, I disliked all of them at first.  They took a while to grow on me. 5(FIVE) wasn’t as epic as their previous album, but it was still pretty good.  Overall I think I was wrong on this one, too.

– Buono! will sell over 100,000 copies
Well, technically, with combined sales, they did.

– Morning Musume Gen.9/Korean member
Not yet, but I’m still hoping!

– No one will graduate from Momusu
Yes!  First one that came true!  And I really hope this stays true for 09!

– GAM will return to regular activities
It’s pretty safe to say that this’ll never happen.

– Momusu releases a kick-ass album
COVER YOU anyone?

– A new subgroup is formed from Momusu, C-ute, and Berryz
I was so sure of this one.  :/  MilkyWay happened, but I’m not sure that counts.

– Ongaku Gatas do incredibly well
Yeah not so much.  Actually, quite the opposite happened.

– A new H!P Eggs unit will be formed
Shugo Chara Egg!

– Ayaka still does nothing
Well, I’d say she did more this year than she has since Mika left.

– Nakazawa Yuko graduates from H!P
March 2009.  D:

– Risako gets in a scandal
Still hoping.

– Kago Ai gets in the tabloids again
In a good way, though!  This was a very positive year for her!

– Kira☆Pika dies
D:  This was inevitably depressing.

– Momusu and/or H!P launches an Asia tour
Win.  Morning Musume toured Asia~

– Ogawa Makoto returns to H!P
This one was surprising and exciting!!

– Abe Natsumi and Yajima Maimi, still not a unit, release another single or two
I’m not too disappointed that this didn’t come true.

– Satoda Mai joins Ayaka in the “does nothing” box
Wow.  Did she ever shock me.  She’s actually, like… famous now.

– Nono brings Noa into a public event and we get to see more than just her feet!
No but I hope she will!  I want to see Noa!

In about a week or so I’ll do my predictions for next year!



4 responses

1 01 2009

Wouldn’t High-King count as a group formed from MM, C-ute, and Berryz?

1 01 2009
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2 01 2009


21 01 2009

Nacchi and Yajima dueted on the b-side to Abe’s last single, does that count?

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