Johnny’s Entertainment Best of 08 Survey

28 12 2008

Since there’s a Hello! Project Best of 08 survey (here), it’s only right to have one for its male counterpart, Johnny’s Entertainment!  And since they’re underloved in the Jpop blogosphere, I’d like to know what you all think~  You can either post these to your blogs and send me the link in a comment or email them to me (tsuki[at]nekohimenaoko[dot]com).  And make sure to note if you don’t want a link to it posted here!

Disclaimer: I stole the majority of this from Amy.


-Best Group (Debuted)

-Best Group (Jrs)

-Best Overall Soloist (this can be a member of a group doing a solo single or song)

-Best Idol (Debuted)

-Best Idol (Jrs)

-Best Single

-Best Song (Debuted)

-Best Song (Jrs)

-Best Album

-Best Concert (both debuted and jrs)

-Best PV

-Best Choreography (I couldn’t resist since JE dances are so epic =D)

-Sexiest Idol (must be legal to call sexy– 18+)

-Cutest Idol (minors–under 18)

I’m so excited to see what you all think~  And, because this is stolen from Amy, let’s do a “Worst of” too!


-Worst Overall Group

-Worst Overall Soloist

-Worst Single

-Worst Album

-Worst PV

-Worst Costume (include a picture if possible!)

-Worst Vocalist (Yes, you are allowed to say Nishikido Ryo)

-Least Attractive Idol (can be any age =D)

I’ll post my answers super soon!  Until then, I anticipate your responses!  Surveying ends sometime mid-January.  =D






2 responses

28 12 2008

Hello! I did your survey. Here.

Thanks for the survey!

28 12 2008

Oh, it disappeared. The tag didn’t work. Here it is again!

Sorry, lol.

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