Re: H!P Best of 2008 Poll (Merry Go Round)

28 12 2008

I fail at creative titles.  This is a response to Amy (Merry Go Round)’s “poll” (more like survey) for the end of the year!


Best Group Single

-High-King’s C\C (Cinderella\Complex), no doubt.  That single was so so so much epic win.  Close in second place is Morning Musume’s Resonant Blue.

Best Soloist Single

-Mano Erina’s Lucky Aura.  I didn’t notice it until months after release, and it’s not fantastic, but H!P’s soloists kinda… sucked this year.

Best Group Album

-Hands down, Morning Musume’s Cover You.  I think my rabid fangirling is reason enough.

Best Soloist Album

None of the above =D  (Geez, there were only two this year…)

Best PV

-Morning Musume’s Resonant Blue (Another Version), but if that doesn’t count, then Berryz Koubou’s MADAYADE.

Group With Best Overall Releases

-Morning Musume very closely followed by Berryz Koubou and Buono!.

Best New Group (debuted in 2008)

-High-King.  I don’t know if they count.  But I don’t really like Shugo Chara Egg, which was the only other new group.  So.

Best New Soloist (debuted in 2008)

-I think ManoEri’s the only choice. XD;  Oh, wait, Ogawa Mana debuted.  That was a really good single.  But I adore ManoEri!  So, Mano Erina~

Best Established Group (did not debut in 2008)

-Morning Musume.  momusumomusumomusumomusu

Best Established Soloist (did not debut in 2008)

-Matsuura Aya.  While Kizuna didn’t sell particularily well, she’s the best H!P soloists there ever was and ever will be.

Best Photobook (All answers must contain “I choose 6gatsu no Kajitsu” or Amy will cry)

-Niigaki Risa’s “Happy girl”.  No contest.  Oh, yes, I said it, Amy.  No.  Contest.

Hottest Idol of 2008 (this doesn’t have to mean “hot”. It can be cute, sexy, gorgeous, whatever your idea of attractive is)

-I can has Niigaki Risa?  =D


Worst Group Single

-C-ute’s LALALA Shiawase no Uta.  That’s the one song I’ve hated at first that hasn’t grown on me.  I still hate it.

Worst Soloist Single

-Fujimoto Miki’s Okitegami.  I love you Mikitty, but that type of music is just… not you.  D:

Worst PV

-Melon Kinenbi’s Charisma, Kirei.  If you can even call that a PV.

Worst Vocalist of 2008 (this can be a soloist or group member, as long as they sound worse than cats in bags being rubbed against chalkboards. Wait, what?)

-Actually, it’s a tie between Kusumi Koharu and Nakajima Saki.  I would normally just say Koharu, but man… Saki’s painful.

Least Attractive Girl of 2008 (people who don’t qualify for this category: Suzuki Airi, Michishige Sayumi. Anyone else can qualify, really.)

-I want to say Sugaya Risako, because I hate her =D, but she’s undeniably pretty.  I really don’t think any girls are unattractive.  But if I had to choose, I’d say Mutou Mika.  Who was technically a member in 2008.



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29 12 2008
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21 01 2009

Worst Soloist Single

-Fujimoto Miki’s Okitegami.

😀 There’s a reason I love you, Tsukipin ❤

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