2009 Predictions

31 12 2008

Well, it’s almost New Year’s Eve, so I figure it’s time to do the predictions for next year.  These are mostly H!P-based, but I’m going to venture to other idols this year too.

Hello! Project 2009 Predictions

~Mano Erina makes her major debut and sells decently.  Not well, but not horribly, either.
~Morning Musume comes out of their slump.  Hopefully.  =D
~C-ute continues on winning awards.
~Berryz go international with fan events and possibly a tour~?
~Kirarin Revolution ENDS.  PLEASE.  END.  NO MORE KOHARU.
~A new H!P Egg group is formed.  -or- the Eggs release a single as the Eggs and are officially H!P’s counterattack to large idol groups such as AKB48 and Idoling!!!.
~Melon Kinenbi stays together as they’ve said but never release another single.
~Matsuura Aya switches to avex.
~Goto Maki makes her avex debut and joins the 5QUEENS (Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, BoA, Namie Amuro, Utada Hikaru) in Jpop Royalty.
~Fujimoto Miki focuses on her acting career and ditches singing.
~Ice CreaMusume fails miserably.
~Tsuji Nozomi returns to Showbiz a la Kago Ai.
~Possibly new MoMusu members, but no graduations.
~More H!P girls get into dramas
~Cuca (that adorable youtube girl) joins the H!P Eggs.

Johnny’s Entertainment 2009 Predictions

~Kame’s dramas still suck.
~New Jr group debuted that slaps everyone in the face like Hey!Say!JUMP did.  And Morimoto Shintarou’s in it.  But Yamashita Shoon still isn’t.
~TOKIO dies.
~NEWS breaks a record for best-selling whatever.
~ARASHI gets too old to keep up with their schedule.  Except MatsuJun.
~KAT-TUN has more drama and scandals.
~Yamapi and Ryo star in a drama where they are brothers that are in love.  Please.
~Jin keeps being a manwhore.  Bangs a couple random chicks.  Tries to top Ohno’s drugged up threesome.
~Kis-my-ft2 debuts!  Pleeeeease!

Other 2009 Predictions

~Perfume continues to blow everyone’s minds out of their head.
~A new technopop group emerges to try and counter them–possibly an AKB48 subgroup.
~AKB48 tops Morning Musume over and over and becomes the dominating idol group (discluding Perfume who have their own catergory).
~Ogawa Mana gets noticed and makes it big.  Please.
~Ayumi Hamasaki announced her retirement.  Maybe.  Hopefully not.
~Koda Kumi stays conservative, trying to avoid another scandal.
~Koda appears on a Fergie CD.  Ooooh.  America.
~Tohoshinki and JE duke it out; Tohoshinki wins.
~SM Ent. sends legions of Korean artists to Japan.
~Super Junior continues to do nothing.

I covered a lot.  So there’s a lot of opportunity to be right~



8 responses

1 01 2009

MoMuSu might have their graduation this year…as there has been MANY rumours circled abt it XD….BUT who is the big question?…

Nono is unlikely to comeback to showbiz …yet~~ as it was announced that after elder graduation, she would return to being a mother and wife…-___-….[but im hoping she would comeback tho….]

I hope kirarin ends too…and then Tsunku finally get his ears fixed and decides to graduate Koha this year..alongside all the elders..^^

Matsuura Aya in Avex..not sure on seeing ayaya avexified XD..
But there’s a big possibility some of the elders be sucked into TNX and Nice Girl Project [as they all are used on working with Tsunku and Tsunku knows his girls better XD]

Goto Maki…ahh…Im hoping on it…Just i would like her songs to be more ayucified rather than Urban Koda and Namie style tho…Im not a fan of Urban Maki…

I kinda hope ICM fails too XD…after i listen to their version of Love Revolution tru-ten-on!…I wished that they stick into their language…because they’re destroying an epic -energetic song to a boring “yeah im just reading the lyrics coz im im in H!P..” kinda way …GAH@!!!

And…who’s Cucu? {PS: in Malay, Cucu means Grandchild XD<—Learning new things everyday XD}


1 01 2009

who’s cucu

1 01 2009
2 01 2009

haha. i enjoyed reading these predictions. i really want to watch a drama of yamapi and ryo falling in love. *excited*

2 01 2009

All of your predictions sound pretty plausible to me, except for the one where you say koharu is gonna graduate…unlikely,very unlikely. Oh and btw, isn’t hikaru utada included in this 4queens of jpop thing? well since she isn’t in avex trax, maybe thats why you didn’t list her?

2 01 2009

AKB48 world domination FTW.

You’re awesome for predicting it 8D

2 01 2009

@Wendy – I knew I had it wrong. Thank you.

@daki-suki – OMG. I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING ONE. I KNEW IT. But I couldn’t remember so I left it. THANK YOU YOU’RE MY HERO.

21 01 2009

~Yamapi and Ryo star in a drama where they are brothers that are in love. Please.

….You are so twisted XD;

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