JE Best 08 (My Answers)

31 12 2008


-Best Group (Debuted)

KAT-TUN.  They were really hot this year…

-Best Group (Jrs)

Kis-my-ft2.  I dislike the majority of A.B.C.-Z, unfortunately, and I hardly know any of the little ones. 

-Best Overall Soloist (this can be a member of a group doing a solo single or song)

Imai Tsubasa ❤  Or Akanishi Jin (with LOVEJUICE… *cough*)

-Best Idol (Debuted)

Yamashita Tomohisa.  With his drama and overall performance… *drool*

-Best Idol (Jrs)

Hashimoto Ryosuke!  This was really good year for him.  I just wish he’d debut.  D:

-Best Single

KAT-TUN’s Don’t U Ever Stop.  With a whopping seven songs, it should pretty much be an album, but it was amazing.  I loved all their solos.

-Best Song (Debuted)

Since I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to be released on an album, I have to say NEWS’s Snow Express because it FINALLY came out on an album~~  After TWO years!

-Best Song (Jrs)

Kis-my-ft2’s FIRE BEAT (jkajdlsakjdlka so amazing) or A.B.C.-Z’s Crush (which is really addictive)

-Best Album

I was going to pick Queen of Pirates.  And then tonight I finally downloaded color.  And holy shit.  It’s so AMAZING.  So NEWS’s color hands effing down.  Not even any competition.

-Best Concert (both debuted and jrs)

I liked NEWS’s pacific the best personally, but then again, I never saw the Ebikisu (A.B.C.-Z/Kis-my-ft2) concert.

-Best PV

KAT-TUN’s Don’t U Ever Stop because of the story or ARASHI’s truth because.  Omg.  truth.

-Best Choreography (I couldn’t resist since JE dances are so epic =D)

ARASHI’s truth.  Yesssss.  I thought NEWS’s Happy Birthday was pretty cute, too.

-Sexiest Idol (must be legal to call sexy– 18+)

Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo (and Akanishi Jin kthxbai)

-Cutest Idol (minors–under 18)

I have to say Hashimoto Ryosuke.  Have to.  I thought Tanaka Juri had a pretty good… end of the year… too.



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31 12 2008

Nice selections. Happy New Year!

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