31 12 2008

The radio preview for Morning Musume’s 38th single, Nai Chau Kamo, just surfaced this morning.  And holy shit.  It’s so epic.

I’m so excited for this PV.  The song just screams dancing, so I’m thinking it’ll have a really kick-ass dance.  I hope they do a decent PV, but at this point, I’m already so in love with song that I don’t care too much.  The only disappointment for me is that I didn’t hear the Pandas.  But on the upside, I didn’t hear Koharu either.

I might just buy this single.

It’s even better than Resonant Blue, and I thought that was about as good as it gets for this group.  Maybe this single will finally bring them out of their slump.  Doubt it, but hopefully.




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2 01 2009
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